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Google Analytics for Pet Bloggers

A Google Analytics Webinar – aggghh! I can see you running away in terror. WAIT A MOMENT ….. Even if we were not 2016 Blog Paws Ambassadors we would be writing about this Google Analytics Webinar. Why? Because to our blogging readers this IS important.

BlogPaws is answering a need many bloggers have; help with something they find intimidating – Google Analytics. Blog Paws realises not everyone is an ‘expert’ and needs help to guide them through the basics. Aimee Beltran, BlogPaws Director of Community Education, and Online Marketing Specialist, Nickey Rautenberg will be our guides through the webinar.  Webinar has been recorded for worldwide bloggers.

The Google Analytics Webinar is part of a major helping initiative, the BlogPaws #BoostYourBlog10K campaign (downloadable Workbook). 

Cat on a computer
Don’t LOOK it’s Google Analytics!

What the Google Analytics Webinar will teach you :-

  • How to use Google Analytics to Boost Your Blog’s page views to a goal of 10,000 views/month. 
  • How to use the data range to find daily, monthly, and yearly page views.
  • How to find your blog’s top read posts and how to optimize those for page views.
  • How to find the keywords that readers are typing in Google to find your blog.
  • How to optimize old blog content to increase your page views.

What is the #BoostYourBlog10K and How Can it Help a Blogger?

If you have not investigated the #BoostYourBlog10K Influencer campaign at BlogPaws you might be surprised how much fun you can have and how relevant it is even though the conference is finished. The workbook is 100% focused on helping you, the blogger, to widen your readership and expand your skills. They help you spotlight good work, and increasing your sponsorship opportunities.

No, you don’t have to reach 10K views.  It’s one of the fistful of achievable goals you can aim for! A slow and steady increase as you work through the book is just as important. 

Learn how to boost your page views and improve your blog across the board! Head over to replay the BlogPaws webinar here.

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Tech Editor
Dash Kitten Silver Kitten the Business Cat







NOTE :- We are official International Ambassadors to the BlogPaws Conference 2016 and the team at Dash Kitten are compensated for helping to promote the BlogPaws Conference and BlogPaws itself. We only promote things we know our readers will love and respect. We are 100% committed to honesty and your trust.  

Written by Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie Dawson, Blogger, Video Maker and Photographer is an established blogger who loves to teach Bloggers about creating their own movies to blow Sponsors away. She also investigates and researches Cat Tech for Dash Kitten blog.

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  1. I found a way to say good meowning. I don;t have Google+ so unless there is a public commenting on your G+ site, I can’t comment. But Mom and I loves you. We wanted you to know.

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