New Zealand’s Cat Challenges on #GlobalCatDay

New Zealand’s Cat Challenges on #GlobalCatDay

Some people are celebrating Global Cat Day (16th October) here in New Zealand by advocating frightening measures to restrict the movement of family cats and destroy ferals.  This is in spite of many rescues working hard to come to the negotiating table with councils about New Zealand cat care. Let me explain my concerns.

Why Global Cat Day? “The change from National Feral Cat Day to Global Cat Day reflects that fact that Alley Cat Allies’ mission is to protect and improve the lives of all cats–pet, stray, or feral. Year after year, international participation in National Feral Cat Day grew, because compassion knows no borders…….” – Alley Cat Allies

I have always been proud to live in New Zealand, it has some of the nicest people, and does its best to value its heritage but a development, amongst some councils, is a cause for concern due to the total lack of forethought and compassion.

Wellington City Council Listens

Councils, like our own here in Wellington really engage with rescues and organisations which is so positive and hopeful. Maybe there is hope, but we need to speak up for those less eloquent than ourselves. Global Cat Day encourages us to speak out.

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The proposed changes would be hard hearted and lacking in foresight, in spite of supposed input from major New Zealand animal protection agencies. Some councils propose making New Zealand a kill nation, undermining its respected position as a country that does not use kill shelters, or use gas chamber traps like Australia.

Project Bay Cat volunteer
One of the most successful TNR ventures ever. Project Bay Cat in the Greater San Francisco area.

The cat proposals are a cause for concern

  1. Rumoured mass exterminations of ferals. No mention of discussions about Spay and Neuter, or help for pet owners. No proposals for TNR/Community Cat care (TNR = Trap – Neuter – Return). We need to discuss and impliment TNR + Spay/Neuter and the outcome can be very positive.
  2. Compulsory identification (microchips). Not so bad maybe? Sure, while everyone one of my cats is chipped I worry how low income people will be able to afford this compulsory element. Will they dump the cat so they eat this week?  Financial help and lower costs for chipping is important to make this work well. 
  3. Cat Curfews. A nightmare for everyone. If a cat gets out and some vigilante grabs it, it could end up dead, or with a fine councils might use finance the initiative. I find it very difficult to keep our cats indoors at night, they get distressed, they make a heck of a noise. Again many on lower incomes suffer and every owner will suffer hours of anguish because the cat doesn’t come back with it’s little watch tells it to.
  4. On the positive side Some councils, like Wellington are in dialogue with feral/stray organisations. The Council wants to talk, and they gain a lot of goodwill and respect for doing so.They listen to people not money – their aim is finding a good balance between cats and people. If every council did this there would be no need for any of us to worry – maybe.
Global Cat Day Outpawed Feral Cat Rescue
Compassion works. Two Outpawed Kittens.

Cats not chipped will, at worst, be executed on the spot

A worst case scenario by an aggressive council. If an officer testing for a chip ‘out in the field’, does not test for it properly, or forgets chips can migrate, or that they can even stop working, all the time they are struggling with an angry cat, a family pet risks disposal at a moment’s notice. The thought is utterly frightening and we need reassurance this will not happen.

Although microchip implants are marketed as a permanent form of identification they can stop working or be expelled from the animal’s body. Microchips are also known to migrate and become lost within the body, making identification difficult.” – DogsNaturally

Everyone who loves cats to do 2 things on Global Cat Day

  • Scroll down this linked page to fill in this form and help Alley Cat Allies be a voice for cats worldwide on Global Cat Day. They aim for 100,000 citizens, let’s beat that figure!
  • Make your voice heard locally in New Zealand. Be respectful, and ask for a Council’s intention with respect to cats. Express concern and do not rant. A council will take board respectful expressions of disquiet and worry, and a written letter can be even more effective than an email. Express concerns to your local councillor.
Global Cat Day Cat Town, Oakland
Oakland Cat Cafe. An American initiative that helps adopt stray cats. New Zealand Cat Cafes are opening 2017!

This is NOT simple. There are many issues to be discussed

  1. The legislation needs to be discussed extensively with the public. Shelters will speak up, and community cats will have people like The Outpawed Rescue Trust (who we interviewed here) and Feral Nation, and dozens of feral groups New Zealand wide will speak for them.
  2. You can find great information on the case for TNR here. Colonies reduce in size and the outcome is positive.
  3. The ease with which cat haters trot out their statistics ‘pro’ their cause often fools people into thinking there is no research that gives an alternative, less biased, view. There is.  We also need to remember that statistics are a fancy name for numbers, and these numbers are always open to interpretation. In short, figures can be made to say exactly what you, or I, might want them too. Just ask any Economist…….
  4. One of the most important to be addressed is the financing of any action taken against cats, community cats and ferals. Any money spent killing ferals is less money spent on education, and the health of the community. They cannot rely on fines from those whose cats are caught outside after curfew – they will terrify people into submission on that score.

The Alley Cat Allies Position on Community Cats, today and every day.

Join Global Cat Day!

You cannot make cats prisoners in their own homes, and you cannot obliterate community cat colonies. BUT thanks to Global Cat Day, and people speaking out, you can act to ensure proper discussion happens at every level and compassion for community cats and ferals happens right now.

Marjorie and the
Dash Kitten Crew

Whskr Blogger at Dash Kitten

  1. So many community leaders worldwide are absolutely ignorant when it comes to community cats and unfortunately are closed minded and only hear what the naysayers are preaching. I’ll pray that those in New Zealand who are advocates of destroying kitties will get the education they need. Hugs, Janet

  2. So many cats don’t even get a chance – through no fault of their own. I was disgusted last year when it made the news that a local municipality was changing from extermination to TNR. Apparently, extermination of ferals is the norm around here. It just blows my mind. And the comments on the news story made me so angry and sad – most people support extermination. I truly don’t get it. Just more proof that cruel humans sure know how to muck up this world entirely.

  3. Dat’s great what ya’ll are doin’. Least da talkin’ pawrt. Our town wants no part of feral kitties. They just wanna kill ’em all. Makes us sick. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  4. That’s so sad ! You’re doing an amazing information job, and we really hope that a lot of people will follow your advice, talk with respect to the councils, educate them, and finally make them change their mind. Purrs

  5. Sure do hope that NZ does not become the murder in our midst, and in my mind, an outcast in our commonwealth… I do hope the rest of the Councils take heed of Wellingtons positive stance and look for the only good humane and peaceable approach rather than being misguided by certain individuals that hate cats. Life is hard anyway, and we don’t need our pets being slaughtered along with their feral cousins for lack of humanity on certain individuals parts.
    Excellent post, and thank goodness for people prepared to be rational and kind and considered like Wellington.

  6. I’m still scratching my head over the fact that someone seems to think cats can be given a curfew… And how does one chip a feral cat?!?
    Actually, it all sounds quite bad, so I’m hoping it gets sorted out well… Prior to hearing about this, I’ve been impressed with New Zealand, but I’m now wondering why they seem like such cat haters.

  7. Miss Marjorie you are a pawmazing human who works hard to bring the plight of all abandoned and lost kitties to the attention of the world. It is sad how humans treat us kitties and all sentient creatures. Humans haven’t figured out that if they have a successful TNR program the ferals will eventually be gone naturally. Working with the numskulls in the USA is as bad. Fighting to TNR a feral population on federal land here locally has so far been unsuccessful.

    We will continue the discussion with humans. We celebrate you and honor you and your work. We celebrate Global Cat Day with you. Thank you.
    Hugs and Purrs Willy.

  8. My human has known for a while that there was an anti-cat movement in New Zealand, and it worries her. I’m so glad that you created such a well-researched post about this issue on Global Cat Day.

  9. That was a very informative post and to think, I though we had the market cornered on idiots in our country. You’ve got some doozies.

  10. This is awful. It’s HORRENDOUS. It’s unthinkable. Canada and New Zealand are like cousins. We’re family. This proposed legislation makes me ashamed to be part of the same Commenwealth. Peep #1 says that if this legislation goes through, no more NZ kiwifruit for her. No more NZ anythin’. MOUSES!

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