#GivingTuesday our Place for Cats UPDATE

#GivingTuesday our Place for Cats UPDATE

We are joining the #GivingTuesday wave and reporting on our adopted rescue Place for Cats who are the people the Dash Kitten blog are proud to celebrate. Why? A portion of each Whskr shop sale goes to them to help in their work, and we have made our first donation already!

Leo from Place for Cats Rescue

Check out the pictures with this post. This is Leo, it is thanks to seeing his frightened face at the New York ACC, and pledging for his rescue, that I discovered Place for Cats. Compared to the pitiful image I saw then Director, Mia Lancaster tells me now…. ” He is magnificent – his stance is regal and he is slim and elegant.” What a transformation!

Leo, a Place for Cats Rescue
Leo, a Place for Cats Rescue

Things to tell you about Place for Cats for #GivingTuesday.

  1. Place for Cats is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization incorporated in the State of New York. They acquired not for profit status in 1994 and has found homes for 1000 strays since 1990.
  2. GOOD NEWS. Place for Cats has been made a NEW HOPE partner. This means they will no longer have to scream and yell to have their name included in the ‘pull information’ when a cat is snatched from the kill list. This is vital because people will now have a clear and visible name to send pledged funds to.
  3. They are a foster network – people look after the cats and appointments are made when someone would like to see a cat. Cats are kept safe and warm!
  4. You can see some of their fosters here!
  5. PLACE FOR CATS NEEDS BOOKKEEPING/ADMIN HELP. If you have some voluntary time to help the hard pressed director with book keeping and paperwork tasks – you would be warmly welcomed to Place for Cats.  Could you get in touch with Place for Cats P.O. Box 7384  FDR Station New York, NY 10150 Telephone Number bottom of their Petfinder page.

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