Ginger Ninja Selfie on Canada Day

Ginger Ninja Selfie on Canada Day

Meet our ginger ninja Jack from the Dash Kitten Crew, here for the Sunday Selfies with the Kitties Blue. Join us all and meet some of the nicest pets in the blogosphere!

Sunday Selfie Graphic

Jack is a gentle sleepy soul who also enjoys his food and spends his chilly night times, now it is winter, on the bed with the electric blanket on!

Jack the Ginger Ninja
Happy Sunday Selfie to kitties and our fellow ginger ninjas.

Finally, especially for our Canadian friends, please enjoy our mini movie celebrating your wonderful country.

Happy Canada Day

Harvey Button from the
Dash Kitten Crew
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  1. Oh from one Ginger Ninja to another, you look very cozy on your electric blanket! I am in a completely different position – lying on my back, belly up under a ceiling fan with the AC on high! We’re in a heatwave right now. Thank you for the Canada Day wishes and the video! Love from Jimmy Fancy Feet and the Chirpies xx

  2. dood….ewe iz lookin most handsum two day N what an awesum moovee !! way kewl ~~~~ heerz two a grate week a head….we had ta laff….yur talkin lectric blankitz N itz blazin hot heer rite now 🙂 insert hearts XXX

  3. Hi Jack! Thanks for the Happy Canada Day wishes! I am loving being a Canadian! And Jack, I gotta say, even though it is summer here, we have had a cold spell and last night our furnace came on! We even had to put a new blanket on the bed.
    You stay nice and cozy with your heating pad!

  4. Well being a ginger ninja myself, I’m always happy to see other gingers napping away in peace! We hope all our Canadian friends have a wonderful celebration today!

    Hugs, Teddy

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