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The Gift Guide For Unusual Books

Today’s Gift Guide for Unusual Books follows on from our Thankful Thursday ‘reading’ inspired post. We shine the spotlight on books you might enjoy giving to book lovers and readers, or getting as gifts.  Some are award-winning best sellers, others hidden across the ocean in talented byways! All of them are worth checking out. The book title links to Amazon.com but we include a UK link as well.

Our Gift Guide is Special!

Instead of using an affiliate link for the books, as would be our usual practice, we are including links for you to order via Amazon Smile to help Place for Cats, our 501 c (3) USA charity. [We have also begun to help with their blog. It’s early days but a lot of fun!]

Read On for Our Gift Guide of Unusual Books and prepare to be Surprised!

The books are in no particular order they are simply amazing books that we have read and can recommend or have on order and can’t wait to read!

The Invention of Nature – Andrea Wulf

Gift Guide For Unusual Books Alexander von Humboldt and his Life Story

This is an award-winning biography about one of the most amazing explorers who ever lived. Without him our view and conception of the world would be entirely different.  Alexander von Humboldt is a name unknown to many now, but who travelled almost everywhere it seems, and was a voracious and gifted polymath. His influence on North and South America, Europe and Russia is immense and without him we might have waited much longer for the work of scientists like Charles Darwin.

Wulf does much to revive our appreciation of this ecological visionary through her lively, impressively researched account of his travels and exploits, reminding us of the lasting influence of his primary insight: that the Earth is a single, interconnected organism, one that can be catastrophically damaged by our own destructive actions.”

A wonderful read for ecologically conscious folk, this is a valuable insight into the start of our own consciousness about the world, and why we need to value it, not abuse its resources. [Kindle] UK Amazon The Invention of Nature

Unlikely Companions – Laurie Hess, DVM

Gift Guide For Unusual Books unlikel -companions book by an exotic animal vet

Mum came across Laurie Hess when the exotic animal veterinarian spoke at the Blogpaws® conference in June 2016. She was introduced by Steve Dale, the dynamic animal behaviorist, and talked about how she became a veterinarian to exotics instead of cats, dogs and other ‘normal’ pets! 

Laurie Hess also told us she had written a book about her life and experiences which would be out later this year, this is it!  Mum kept the publicity postcard and it came back with her half way round the world! Now the book is out it is on our must read list, and on order from Amazon Smile. UK Amazon Unlikely Companions

Dogfight, Flying Furballs – Donovan Bixley

Gift Guide For Unusual Books Dogfight by Donovan Bixley

For younger readers this is a witty, fun adventure with a hero, a wise cracking girl mechanic and a lot of trouble with kittens! It is a humorous take on old war movies and parents will enjoy reading it with their kids.

Created by a New Zealand artist Donovan Bixley, and filled with fun illustrations, this is worth getting, especially if your child likes to show off books to their school friends. Few will have this exclusive volume! UK Amazon Dogfight (Flying Furballs)

Our hero is Claude D’Bonair, a young pilot in the Cat Air Corp, keen to prove his worth to the older pilots and live up to the memory of his father. Will cats and dogs ever live in harmony again? And will Claude survive with his nine lives intact?

The Great Purr – Catherine Holm

Gift Guide For Unusual Books The Great Purr

If you haven’t read this already, we want to know why the heck not! It is a cat adventure book of vision and heart stopping thrills. Deep in the heart of Minnesota, cats maintain the Great Purr which keeps human and spirit worlds in balance. The Purr is in great danger and a collection of strongly drawn cat characters, some of whom do not seem the most promising of heroes and heroines, are challenged to avert the disaster that threatens us all. 

There are moments of great drama, heroism and some sadness but, along their journey, the cats discover many things that make them grow stronger, and you will find yourself holding your breath as the book comes to a close. This was a must read for us, and we are proud to have a signed copy by Cat Writers’ Association Muse Award winner Catherine Holm. UK Amazon The Great Purr

The Animal Acupressure Series – Deanna S Smith

Animal Acupressure

We reviewed the Cat volume of this valuable series here, and we cannot recommend these books highly enough. We met Deanna at the Blogpaws Conference in AZ in June 2016.  She demonstrated a few of the important things to remember when using these easy to learn techniques on your own animals. Deanna works hand in hand with her veterinarian and recommends you do to. For her this is the real meaning of ‘complimentary’ medicine.

The range of animals covered is comprehensive; from horses, cats and dogs and farm animals, to rabbits, ferrets and guineapigs. Each volume is clearly illustrated, approachable and well written, and, if you need help Deanna is happy to answer questions via email. UK Amazon Link Animal Acupressure Illustrated The Cat

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See you then!

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