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Getting to Know Instagram Built In Filters

For smartphone users who may not be familiar with this feature on Instagram (IG), I’d like to use this posr as an opportunity to introduce the world of IG filters.

I confess that I overlooked these filters for a long time, not realising their true potential. But, with the incredible advancements in smartphone technology, I think it’s time to give them a second look and see just how effective they can be.

Meet Instagram’s Filter Selection

Do you know Instagram has 25 filters that can help transform you favourite photo into something mysterious, dramatically murky or the perfect sunshine-y day? Thanks to the 52 Assignments book by Adam Juniper I discovered a lot about them.

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  • Black cat with an Instgram filter called Clarendon
    Clarendon Filter
  • Black cat with an Instgram filter called Gingham
    Gingham Filter
  • Black cat with an Instgram filter called Juno
    Juno Filter
  • Black cat with an Instgram filter called Lark
    Lark Filter
  • Black cat with an Instgram filter called Mayfair
    Mayfar Filter

A survey done by Hubspot states that the five most popular filters are:

  1. Clarendon
  2. Gingham
  3. Juno
  4. Lark
  5. Mayfair

Instagram Filter Tips

Instagram’s filters are more a set of adjustments already loaded into the app, almost like a photo editing ‘preset’ which saves a lot of time and makes your changes instant.

To show how effective these adjustments can be, the assignment in the book showcases a series of landscapes treated with IG filters. They demonstrate how amazing, atmospheric or simply weird the changes can be.

Getting to Know Instagram Built In Filters
‘Harvey’ Smartphone Photo © Dash Kitten

I am not big on landscape photography but I do, do cats! The first image I post here is, like the others, on Instagram under DashKittenPhotos and began life as a digital image with no cropping or filters. As Instagram uses a square format I resized Harvey’s rectangular image, then I added my choice of filters.

I used three filters before I posted the image:

  • A touch of Warmth
  • A boost of the Saturation
  • I finished with the Vignette Effect.
nstagram Built In Filter
‘Harvey’ Smartphone Photo with Filters © Dash Kitten

How to Add an Instagram Filter

  1. Select your photograph
  2. Tap ‘Next’
  3. Look at the bottom of your screen to see the filters.
  4. Scroll along to select a suitable filter.
  5. Tap ‘Edit’ if you want to adjust the flter.
  6. Press ‘Next’ to continue to post.

Filter Tips Urban Landscape

I decided to add a New Zealand themed image because it allowed me to use a filter I had not tried before.

The iconic and unique building here is the New Zealand seat of Government, known as the ‘Beehive’ due to its shape. The exterior was designed by Basil Spence a Scottish architect who also worked on Coventry Cathedral.

The Beehive building in Wellington, New Zealand
‘The BeeHive’ Smartphone Photo © Dash Kitten
  1. I straightened the crooked photograph on my smartphone,
  2. Then added Filters option to add Lark for a really vivid blue sky. The sky was definitely not this dreamlike blue in the original photograph.

Pushing Your Own Filters

Silver Gelatin effect on a cat portriat

I was curious how the Instagram filters would cope with an image already filtered, so before I posted Silver’s photograph, I used the Photo Lab app to create a raindrop effect in black and white. It looks interesting so I added it to IG to see what layers of filters can do.

  • I used Edit > Brightness > Vignette so that Silver’s face is strongly featured in the image. The Vignette filter adds a subtle dark edge. I admit I love the effect!
Instagram snapsho of a cat with a filter
‘Silver’ Smartphone Photo © Dash Kitten

With filters, I believe it is a case of developing your own tastes that fit with the identity you want to display on either on Instagram, or to fit with your brand or the way you want to be seen. Investigate and try each filter to see which ones appeal most and then using them consistently if you want to present a certain image or style.

Do you use filters on Instagram?

14 thoughts on “Getting to Know Instagram Built In Filters”

  1. I love the finished photo of Silver, the raindrops really add interest to the photo, but don’t detract from Silver.

    Since I mostly feature other people’s photos, I never edit them on Instagram. I might have to make another account and try my hand at this.

  2. I’m on Instagram however consider myself a beginner. I rarely use filters and if I do it’s usually always the same one Clarendon (I think) just to brighten.

    I never heard of 52 assignments but may need to explore. I always love your cat photos.

  3. Great info as always and I need to start using filters for my photos with my little camera, thanks for the blog hop as always

  4. I love this Marjorie- I really have to get better at using a pre-Instagram app to help build more depth, and then rely on the Instagram app for flare and storytelling. I really love you share your expertise with us – and in such an easy way to understand. Thank you!

  5. We do sometimes use the filters in IG, but usually just prefer to make a few adjustments on our own. That Lark filter really made the sky pop in your Beehive capture!

  6. I do have an IG account, but I don’t post there, I just look at all the others, LOL!! YOu have some great tips, though! I didn’t know you could add filters in IG.

  7. We use light and contrast and have tried a few filters in PaintShop. Thanks for another great informative post. We learn every time we stop by.
    We continue to not be able to post right from your linky. We have to find the post, re-open and then comment. Not sure what this is

  8. The filters are all so interesting! The photos are fabulous and I especially like Silver’s pic. One day maybe I’ll try some of these . . . I’m not tech savvy and I’m using an ancient photo shop program, trying to learn it from the ground up, so to speak.

  9. I take the worst pictures. I quit a long time ago. I don’t think any editing would help my shots. I marvel at those that know how to do this type of editing.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. 🙂


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