Harvey Does A Game of Thrones Selfie

Harvey Does A Game of Thrones Selfie

Game of Thrones with Harvey

What’s this Game of Thrones Chatter?

Am I doing a runner to Westeros?

Nooo. In honour of Comic Con at San Diego, USA we are having a bit of fun!

Harvey’s Game of Thrones Caper

At our own New Zealand fantasy and cosplay extravaganze Armageddon, here in Wellington, Mum was lucky enough to snap a picture of this amazing throne. Do you recognise it? It was empty ……. So I just knew I could get up to mischief!

I grabbed the computer while Mum was out, and put me front and centre so I can celebrate the Sunday Selfie with The Cat on my Head Crew, and give Miss Janet a bit of a surprise!

Sunday Selfie graphic

A Game of Thrones with The Cat on My Head?!?!

Heck no! I can’t imagine the Kitties Blue behaving so  badly to anyone, let alone invading other blogs, except in the friendliest of ways.

Things are not as draughty here in New Zealand as they are in the cold north of mythical Westeros, so we hope you will enjoy our selfie and join us all for a hop around some of the nicest pet friends in the blogosphere. You will get a warm welcome.

Happy Sunday Selfie, and make sure you drink enough as it’s summer in Europe and the USA!

Harvey Button
Game of Thrones Hijacker 🙂
cat ear surgery Harvey at Dash Kitten






  1. Harvey, you would be a much better ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Is that the right number? Mom never paid too much attention to Game of Thrones (though Dad always watches), but then HBO was having the marathon of all the past seasons, and she ended up seeing lots of it. She still doesn’t know who everyone is or what is really happening, but it is coming on the 30 minutes, and she will watch. She sure was happy to see you today, handsome Harvey, and she is blowing you kisses. Thanks for hopping. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  2. That’s a thrown fit for a king and I think the series will end when you, Harvey, become true leader of the 7 kingdoms! Mom and I are excited to watch the new episodes for the season. Mew Mew!

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