An Auction for Rusty

An Auction for Rusty

Why an Auction for Rusty?

Rusty is a long-time established Twitter buddy of ours who we know and trust. A sweet cat and his mum, they were there for us when we lost Dash, and their kindness and joy have been an inspiration to us in times of trouble.  

AvertingCAT strophe TShirt for Auction for Rusty
Extra Large fro AvertingCATastrophe for Auction for Rusty

It takes a lot of courage sometimes to ask for help, especially when it is so easy to dismiss one person or cat’s troubles in the face of larger country-wide ones but Rusty’s friends were concerned and are doing what they can to help.

How we are helping the Auction for Rusty

The Dash Kitten Crew are still getting up to speed on details, but we believe Cheryl, Rusty’s mum does not even have a phone to stay in contact with friends, and access the immense love and support for Rusty on Twitter. So we are contributing to an auction currently on being shared on Twitter and hosted on Facebook.  

Auction for Rusty
Elegant Perfection in beautiful blue – Auction for Rusty

We have donated several items, including a high quality stationary set by gorgeous stationers Kikki-K, and two handmade collage brooches.  You can spot a lot of the items in the fun montage at the top of the post, the whole Facebook ‘shop’ for the auction can be found here.

Auction for Rusty Alexander
Gorgeous handmade cat/small dog bed from Robin Bisha.

The Dash Kitten Crew, and our Mum, are helping Kim Van Spauwen who is hosting this auction, and we invite you to check out the gorgeous collection of  treats including a cat bed from Robin Bisha, stationery from Kikki-K, cat jewellery, and tiny treats for cats and humans.

You are welcome to outbid any current bid with a bid of your own!!

The Dash Kitten Crew
Auction for Rusty
Team Dash Kitten






  1. You are one great pal, to all of us, and we are proud that we can help Dusty too. This is a great post, and it’s a great set of Auction Lots. In fact I have my eye on a few items and a some bids in already, just hope we can raise enough… purrs to you Erin

  2. You have some beautiful and cool things here. We bid on some things on the FB auction page. Love this kitty Rusty and his mum. Hugs n Purrs

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