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Fun Cat Number Plates in New Zealand

Fun Cat Number Plates in New Zealand

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I discovered some really fun cat number plates on my recent visit to the New Zealand Cat Fancy’s National Show 2018 which was hosted by Dominion Shorthair Inc. You can read our show report and watch the video here.

Apart from the superb selection of cats on display, the love and commitment of the cat owners was evident in the personalised number plates which I think they call ‘licence plates’ in the USA (?)

Exploring The Car Park!

I took a walk around the parking area before our visit to collect as many of the plates as I could.  I knew you would all love seeing them. So, while this post is light on text it’s full of fun pictures. Enjoy!

Cat Number Plates Maine Coons

The Main Coons in the show were definitely amongst the most adorable pedigree breeds ever! Substantial and commanding in size but with a calm grace in spite of the crowds.

Cat Number Plates Birmans

Birman Cat Number Plates

The Birman lovers were out in force with three splendid plates that made us smile. We think the image above one suggests that there may be more room for Birmans – right?

Cat Number Plates

The delicate fluffy grace of the Birman breed certainly caught everyone’s eye! They are a popular breed here in New Zealand.

Cat Number Plates Birman

Our friends at Neko Ngeru Cat Cafe attended the show to publicise the cat cafe and sell some of their gorgeous merchandise. I adore their strollers and know I will be getting one before long.

While their licence plate is not cat themed, I am including this as a cool example of great graphics and branding. Our friends at Neko Ngeru also sponsored a ribbon for Best Companion Cat.

Cat registration plate Neko Ngeru

We suspect that this car owner either comes from a multipet household, or runs a pet supply business further north of the Wellington area. This plate is eye catching and will make all pet lovers smile!

Cat Number Plates Pets

Our final cat number plate is the one we saw when we pulled in to park before the show. My first thought was Paula at Sweet Purrfections will absolutely love this one!

Cat Registration Persian

Do you see many personalised cat number plates where you come from? Maybe at cat shows or pet expos?

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13 thoughts on “Fun Cat Number Plates in New Zealand”

  1. Oohhh… OOHHH… I want a personalised plate, too! I want one that says, MOUSES! Yup, that’s what I want, for sure. purrs

  2. Those plates are so cool ! People are so fun and creative ! You don’t see personalized plates in Switzerland. Purrs

  3. Oh yeah – its like that at all the shows. My favorite is the cat jdg plate with the cat decal on the back window – the tail is the window wiper.

  4. Those are awesome! We don’t think we’ve ever seen a cat-themed plate (or maybe not even a bumper sticker for cats) but we see lots of dog plates and stickers. We cats need some representation here, folks!

  5. How fun! You know, it never occurred to my human to look at the plates when we go to cat shows – I bet she’s been missing some good ones.

  6. I have a feline themed plate…my second one actually. They are fun for sure, and yours wwere great, thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. Those are pretty cool, maybe I need one for the Dad’s car! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. Those were fun. We don’t see many personalized plates in Massachusetts because we have to pay double for them.

  9. thats a LOT of fun number plates in one place. It’s great when folk have a bit of fun with them and make others smile too. I do like the graphics on Neko Ngeru’s car, alas I couldnt persuade Mrs H to have something similar on her bicycle MOL
    Toodle pips and purrs


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