Friend in Need Sunday

Friend in Need Sunday

Welcome to our friend in need post for the Kitties Blue Sunday Selfie.

Today we join the Kitties Blue to celebrate friendship and two different cats and their families who need our support.

Sunday Selfie Graphic

Friend in Need – Luna the Kitty

First, our friend @LilyLuTwo whose sisfur has cancer and fluid on her lungs. As you can imagine, this is desperate news for a kind and genuine friend who is always there for us all when we ourselves are not well. I know prayers and love for the fur family will be most welcome.

Luna the Cat

  • If you are on Twitter, please go introduce yourself and offer Lily and mom Bonnie some love and support.

Friend in Need – Dexter the British Cat

Second, many of you are fans of Bailey Boat Cat. His unique blog shows us delightful images of blue seas, sailing boats and sunshine. It is a welcome place to visit for anyone who needs their spirits lifted.

Bailey’s mom had a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease this past year and stepped back from his blog for a while to focus on study for a writing qualification, and to get married.

Bailey burst back onto the blog scene a few days ago and his desperate post appeared in our email inbox. The sense of urgency in his meow made us sit up and take notice. Why? His cousin Dexter has been shot, deliberately, in the mouth. Dexter struggled home and was rushed to the vet where he is receiving treatment and plenty of pain relief.

We are sharing Bailey’s appeal for help with Dexter’s vet care.

I don’t want the monster who has caused so much heartbreak already
to have the upper hand because of money.” – Bailey Boat Cat


It goes without saying that we have donated to Dexter’s care. If this happened to us, trust us when mum says we would all be gibbering wrecks here, so support for Dexter’s family is important.

BaileyBoatCat (c)
Dexter is a fighter and holding his own so far.

Thank you for sticking with us this far. We know when things are good we support others. We have been on the receiving end of so much kindness ourselves that sharing and donating is, for us, a no brainer. If money is short, please share Bailey’s appeal – shares matter.

Be safe, love your families and visit some of the wonderful friends who take part if this lovely Sunday Blog Hop every week.

Marjorie and the
Dash Kitten Crew for a
Friend in Need
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  1. I wish Lily and her sister the best and I was shocked to hear about Dexter. I actually heard it from my wife who saw it before I did. I don’t know what goes wrong in people’s brains to make them so cruel.

  2. Thank you for including my sisfur Luna in your blog today. She’s eating & even playing a bit, Mom is grateful for this time with her. We’re Blessed to be part of the pawmazing twitter anipal community. The love & support we’ve received from our furiends on twitter is keeping Mom going. Don’t know what we’d do w/o all of yoo! ((HUGS)) Luv yoo my furiends!
    Praying hard for Dexter as well – breaks our heart to think anyone would do something so cruel…. *sobs*

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