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Freshen Up Your Instagram Account

Sometimes you work hard at something you love but feel you need to freshen up your approach just a little bit. I know I do, so how about you? Like you I continue to build my skills and have fun taking photographs, so that means exploring new areas and improving basic techniques. So, how do you have fun while freshening up your photo look?

I found one way and I know you will love it too. Browsing the photography section of one of my local bookstore I came across a small sized hardback book called ’52 Assignments – Instagram’. For those on Instagram or who want to start using it for fun, or to support your blog you will love this.

  • NOTE: For those aiming to take better photos but without the specific IG focus, there is also a Landscape or Portrait volume. Both use the same friendly presentation and layout.

But, I am already on Instagram!

But, you are saying… “I post regularly. I know what I am doing. How would this book help?”

Whether you are on Instagram a lot or just visit from time to time, you can always freshen up your creative skills to get more attention and make your gorgeous photos stand out.

For me it’s my cat photos, for you it might be a kitten, a building or a dog. Here are four simple ways that the 52 Assignments experimental photography book can inspire you to adopt a new view of images for Instagram.

  • Rethink your photographer’s ‘eye’ .
  • Review your approach to taking pictures.
  • Polish your range of skills using your device, and
  • Explore the options on Instagram itself.
Photograph showing the 52 assignments book
Portable and pocket ready 52 Assignments can always be with you.

What is So Special About 52 Assignments?

The book gives you lots of inspiring and thought provoking ‘assignments’ to try. They can be done in any order, and in your own time. The number 52 means that you could set a goal to try one project each week, if you want to. Then post the results on Instagram using hashtags like #52assignments and #photography.

The fun thing is it’s low stress and relaxed. You choose the project so you try first or the ones tp help you boost a skill. Each project has symbols that show the kind of ideas involved so if you want to sharpen a skill, you can choose one from these:

  1. Edit
  2. Light and colour
  3. Apps
  4. Hashtag skills
  5. Composition
  6. Props
  7. Filter
  8. Technique
  9. Hardware
The 52 Assignments experimental photography book can inspire you

Learning Will Be Fun

The short chapters are clearly laid. Each one has a technique section that tells you the kind of things you might need, or to look out for. There are hashtags tips, and detailed instructions for each project, including lots of cool tips and things you might not realise you can do.

After the opening assignments that suggest ideas for those photographers new to Instagram, the first few of assignments explain the basics of how to maximise your posts impact, the best way to explore and use filters (more than I thought), and the impact your colour choices can have. The colour wheel assignment is fun and the sample images are inspiring.

After the opening projects that set the scene, you can explore lots of different options including pets, timing, travel, colours, windows, flat lays and fences. Each suggestion is accompanied by concise text explaining the idea behind the project and what you can do to build your skills and refresh your outlook on your photos.

The simple projects and concise details mean you get started quickly with this fun book
The simple projects and concise details mean you get started quickly

Assignment Fun with Dash Kitten

I am going to try and finish one project each week, as much as I can over the coming year. I will report on Thursdays about my challenges and successes. I am reporting on the first project, ‘Maximise Your Post‘ and will add each post to a special page.

Join me, grab your own copy of 52 Assignments – Instagram and let’s compare notes each week.

9 thoughts on “Freshen Up Your Instagram Account”

  1. I admire your determination to improve all of your photography skills. That is one reason some of your photographs have won awards. Good luck with this challenge.

  2. This sounds like a really fun way to push yourself and take your Instagram efforts to the next level. I know we all talk about ‘taking that next step’ quite often, but how many people actually have an actionable plan to do so? lol This is a plan already put together for you that you simply have to follow. Score!

  3. This sounds like fun! Too bad I can’t get the book by next week! The roads are icy and we are getting more snow thru Monday, so there are no trips to the bigger centres… Rural living has its drawbacks! But I shall try! Have a fabulishious Caturday!

  4. Very cool! Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I’ve found website that have fun photo challenges for Instagram too. I keep telling myself I want to try to up my Instagram game, but I get so busy with other things that I tend to post kind of randomly. I’ll have to check out this book, maybe it will inspire me to post more regularly.

  5. That is a great idea. I rarely use Instagram. I have all I can do to keep up with my blog and reading others.

  6. 2nd try. That sounds really interesting! We have an Instagram account but never use it since I’m hardly on the cell phone. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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