Our First Four-Fer Sunday Selfie

Our First Four-Fer Sunday Selfie

MOL this Four-fer is for Miss Janet and the Kitties Blue and we hope everyone is ready for a good Sunday Selfie! Four Harvey’s for the price of one and just for Miss Janet.

Four-Fer Sunday Selfie Premiere!

We wanted to say hello and wish everyone a good week-end after this week’s hugely successful #RememberMeThursday and the huge number of amazing posts we have been reading.

Now we need to take action and encourage all of our friends thinking of adopting a cat, or dog, to viit their local shelter. They will find the pet of their dreams right on their own door step.

Four-Fer Sunday Selfie

If people want to make a difference but can’t take in a pet, then a pledge to the Pets on Death Row site, and their latest cats at risk is THE most amazing way to make a real difference. Kittens, seniors, disabled cats can all be found there so go and make a pledge to help a cat at risk today.

Sunday Selfie graphic

The Pets on Death Row page ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’ page will make you weep – but these are the cats who we need to remember in shelters.

Harvey Button
Four-fer and in Memoriam
for the lost cats of 
Watercolour Harvey Sunday Selfie





RIP Selfie Buddy Phoebe

  1. Harvey, we enjoyed each and every one of those selfies dude, you’re rockin’ it! Tell the Mom thanks for the kind words about Sascha. The tooth is still there but at least the abscess is drained. The Dad has had one of those too.

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