Five Reasons Why I Love Numps

Five Reasons Why I Love Numps

Five Reason Why I love Numps? What sort of a title is that? Well, Numps writes an international blog we discovered thanks to our buddy Seville at Nerissa’s Life. As part of our BlogPaws Ambassadorship, and it’s worldwide scope, we are spotlighting blogging without borders – blogging sans frontières from Europe to Australasia, Eastern Europe to South America. If we can find a pet blog there worth your attention, you will know about it! Today let us take you to distant Bulgaria……..

Here’s why we Love Numps – The Meanderings of Numps, Life as a Wandering Black Cat.

  1. The writing is outstanding – genuinely witty, funny, touching and channeling an inner cattitude.
  2. We love the layout of the blog, it is expansive, clean and easy on the eye.
  3. The pictures are wonderful, natural, fun and all cat (OK, except for the Wally….)
  4. Numps does a new spin on the appeal of a rescue post.
  5. She makes us smile, appreciating the love and care going into the blog, and its stories.

We promised you five reasons why we love Numps and her blog, and her human, but we are sneaking in a 6th here. For the first post let’s take you back to July 2015 when Numps and her brother arrived……

We hope you enjoy visiting Numps and add her to your feeds.

Silver Kitten
Dash Kitten Silver Kitten the Business Cat







  1. Silver…manee thanx for sharin thiz blog…we signed up to follow Numps…….talk a bout a total lee awesum blog post !!!! we troo lee N joyed reedin her storee !!
    heerz two a peppered corydoras kinda week oh end …insert heartz

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