Professional Tips For Bloggers

Professional Tips For Bloggers

Professional Tips For Bloggers?

We could all do with some help – right, we all keep learning and keep improving!

It was the arrival of our fabulous new business cards that prompted this post. When our newly designed cards for the blog arrived we were really pleased with them. Like everyone, we want to present a good ‘brand image’ to the people we meet at places like our local pet expos, or the BlogPaws conference. 

This prompted us to think about simple ways for blogs, and bloggers, to look more polished and professional without having to spend a lot of $£.

Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew – BlogPaws® International Ambassadors

Ready for our Professional Tips For Bloggers ?

  • Maintain a professional attitude at all times. It is not a good look for a blogger to appear to disparage either a niche of the blogging community, or a country.
  • Blogs are read worldwide so respect your potential readers. Social media keeps bloggers in the spotlight.
  • Present your blog well. Is it easy to read? Is it cluttered? Do you have a popup – it is well positioned, or intrusive and annoying. Blog themes and presentation have fashions and fads, like any developing technology. Check out the latest WordPress themes at Envato, or Creative Market, to see how bloggers are reinventing themselves right now.

Professional Tips For Bloggers

  • Make good images a goal Mobile ‘phones take outstanding pictures now. Make sure you have enough light and practice.
  • Think local Try to network closer to home, as well as worldwide. Local meet-ups will allow you to present the person behind the blog, and allow you to get feedback. Give them one of your….
  • Business Cards These are a great idea. Handing one out lets you guide people to your blog, rescue, or online shop, to encourage sales, views and shares.
  • Visit other blogs. Go and say hello! This is something we aim to do a lot more of. This is one area we know that we can all improve upon.
  • Check our Presentation Tricks post.

If you have a tip, let us know!

Silver Kitten
Tech Editor of Professional Tips For Bloggers
Dash Kitten Silver Kitten the Business Cat






  1. Hey Silver, you are spot on with the tips. Pop ups are such a turnoff as are the buttons that hover on the side and cover text. And proof reading is a must for sure. You know we already luvluvluv your cards cuz we had a sneak preview *wink*

  2. Our mom has one more tip. If you want to make a good impression and encourage readers to return again and again, proofread. Check for misspellings and shoddy grammar and syntax. Nothing turns us off faster than a blog that continually offers challenges to read due to a lack of careful writing. Thanks for all the other tips. They are good ones. When it comes to visiting other blogs, I have noticed that some bloggers only comment on your blog if you first leave a comment on their blog. This is not a way to make new friends or keep the ones you have. Thanks, Marjorie for this great post!

  3. Love the cards! I can tell they’re from Moo! Moo is my favorite for anything printed. They’re awesome.
    …can’t wait to have one of those cards for my very own!
    ; )

  4. Your cards turned out well. Always a good reminder as nothing worse than running out. I have a few for different projects now. Just doing postcards and other marketing materials for other events too. Other good tips too. Thanks

  5. Excellent tips, Silver!! I think we might be just some of the way there!! BTW watched your mum’s interview with Yvonne and thanks for the shoutout!! Boy was I surprised!! Great to see you and hear you, especially as The Staff here will not be able to make it to Blogpaws!! xx

  6. silver, yur cardz terned out grate !~~ hope mum iz abe bull ta hand one two all her palz & two one, her can make sum new pals with !! insert heartz XXX

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