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The First Photo Education Roundup of 2020

The First Photo Education Roundup of 2020

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I am including the best of January and February to start 2020 in my post review. Summer is drawing to a close in New Zealand although I am still getting gorgeous sunshine and can enjoy time in the garden with the cats.

Why a post review? Because it is so easy to miss a post on your favourite blogs even if you get an email notification, or drop by on a hop so, I hope you find something here you will enjoy catching up with.

Pet Parade 2020 Spring Graphic

Start 2020 learning something new with Bionic Basil and Bentley and Pierre on the Bayou on Pet Parade 346.

Dodge and Burn Your Pets

Do what? That sounds really scary!

Stick with this, it’s actually a real eye-opener. Discovering these tools has transformed the final result of lots of my photographs. It was an unfamiliar tool in my Affinity Photo app for a long time until I started reading up about it.

Check what I found out, it might surprise you.

How to use Dodge and Burn Product Photo

Photographs for Sale on RedBubble

I feel confident about my photography to start adding pictures to a small starter store in visual site Red Bubble. I am using it as an income stream and also as a fundraiser for cat charity work.

It is an experiment you might like to read about.

The RedBubble Header for Dash Kitten Photography items. Similar to Zazzle it was founded in Australia

A Lucky Shot

Dot Kitten (sisfur to Dash) has the model for some tabby cat photographs and I was lucky to get one shot that may make you laugh out loud!

Dot is a natural model and her fur has so many wonderful colours I never tire of taking her photograph. She has been a bit unwell recently but has medicine and is due a check-up at the vets soon.

Photograph of a cat laid down yawning caught by a DSLR camera

So, You Have a new 50mm Lens?

I got a new lens for Christmas and I wanted to share how useful it is and how a new lens changes your camera viewpoint and how you look at your pictures. No, it wasn’t expensive, yes I think you will love it.

Find out how you have to ‘think different’ with this lens in my post.

Comparative size camera lenses to show how compact a 50mm lens is

I hope you have found a new post to discover and enjoy. If you have any questions arising from the posts, let me know in the comments.

Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie is a motorbike riding blogger and award winning cat photographer who believes that everyone can shoot and edit wonderful pictures they love regardless of the camera they use.

She is a Professional member of the Cat Writers Association, Kuykendall Image Award winner and published photographer at the Guardian newspaper.

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5 thoughts on “The First Photo Education Roundup of 2020”

  1. No DSLR camera for petcretary…and she is kin d of scared to use pawppy’s cause its on loan to him from his work…but she has a P & S Canon SX40 which is a higher end camera in the P & S category…and she has yet to learn all the things it can do, even though she’s had it fort over ten years. Go figure. (Tech stuff and all that figuring out stuff with camera lenses is not her forte, MOL!)
    She did learn a lot about photo composition from her Father, and some other things, but when it comes to animals or people, some of those things are hard to do because they don’t stay still…as well you know! She thinks she needs a good tripod and a remote control with a long cord to trick the furries into a good image…esp Pipo.

    Thanks for all the tips you give us, there is lots to be learned.

  2. That’s so cool about your RedBubble! I hope it is a big success, especially because you’re raising money to help cats! 🙂


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