Fili the Dwarf Costume from The Hobbit

Fili the Dwarf Costume from The Hobbit

The Fili the Dwarf costume is rich in detail, very impressive and great to see in close up! Cosplay fans will enjoy the detailed photographs of the movie costume.

This is the genuine Dwarf costume worn in the movie, and, I hope that I managed to capture enough of the detail for you to appreciate, in spite of shooting through display cases at Wellington Airport. We aimed to get in close for many of the fine t that our cosplay friends are keen to see and reproduce for their own costumes. 

  • The pictures are super sized than usual to allow you to see the details more easily. Scroll down for the details, and enjoy!
Fili the Dwarf Costume Belt Front View
Fili the Dwarf Costume – Belt Front Detail including Buckles


Fili the Dwarf Costume
Fili the Dwarf Costume Rear Belt Details. Layered brass and leather with handbinding

One of the joys of being here in New Zealand was being able to get in close to the handmade details, and fine leather work, on The Hobbit Costume Trail exhibition pieces, and then to share with our Middle-Earth readers.

All of the Hobbit costumes take the breath away, and the costume for Fili the Dwarf shows the consistently high quality from the designers for every single dwarf character. 

Fili the Dwarf Costume Details

Fili the Dwarf  is nephew to Thorin Oakenshield and, as such, you can see elements of richness in what he wears, balanced by good dwarven practicality.

Check out the work involved in Dean O’Gorman’s costume. Dean is a New Zealander, born in Auckland and he was thrilled to have been involved with the movie.

Much of the finer detail would not be seen is sharp close-up but, I think, it would look less convincing  if the attention to detail was not so exact and well executed. Credit goes to Anne Maskrey and Bob Buck at 3 Foot 7 Costume Dept.

Fili the Dwarf Costume
Fili the Dwarf Costume Sleeve Guard and cuff – detail.

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Fili the Dwarf Costume Cross Body Belt, Tooled, and Metal Buckle elements. Just Seen – possible hooded garment underneath coat.

Check out the detail on the leather and suede elements of the costume. I believe it is stamped (or tooled?) on to the surface, and the cuffs and collar of the coat are sturdy goat hair. If you check below, you can also spot simple, functional sheepskin mittens peeping out.

Fili the Dwarf Costume an apology!

Fili the Dwarf Costume
Fili the Dwarf Costume Back View of the emsemble.

It was impossible to capture a good image of the front of Fili’s costume in the airport show case, so we apologise for this. Many of the imperfections came from the constant flow of passengers past the case and we had to abandon a full frontal shot.

BUT if you need specific detail beyond what we can show in smaller sections, we suggest supplementing the pictures with a thorough check of the movie footage, if you can bring yourself to stop the movie……

Fili the Dwarf Costume
Fili the Dwarf Costume Lower Half of the Costume Front View.
Fili The Dwarf Costume
Fili The Dwarf Costume Boots with Strapping and Buckles

We will feature brother Kili next time on the Hobbit Costume Trail, and many details of The Hobbit can be found at the Tolkien Gateway.

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Fili the Dwarf Costume
Middle-Earth Correspondent
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