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Failed Photo? Try A Filter!

If you hate the idea of sharpening your cat’s out-of-focus fur, try a filter. Computer and smartphone filters can transform a slightly fuzzy photo and create a fun image that you would love to share on social media. Let me tell you why filters can transform a photo.

  • Filters never fail to surprise.
  • No one will notice your at photo isn’t sharp.
  • A filter can remove or add colour.
  • The app I show you here is so easy to use!
  • The results can be amazing – check the showcase below.

Which Photo App?

There are lots and LOTS of apps and the quality varies. So, I would like to introduce you to a favourite of mine.

These are all Photoshop Camera (PS) treatments of a cute and slightly fuzzy image of Toulouse. He’s our adventuresome tabby who takes a great photo, just like your cat. You can see the difference each filter makes to the same image.

Thankful Thursday Graphic at Dash Kitten

I really like simple versatility of this app; it has the Photoshop® name attached so the quality of the app is good:

  1. There are 50+ filters
  2. Options to adjust within each filter.
  3. You can save copy after copy of your photo without damaging the original.
  4. It’s FREE
  5. There are links to Google Play and the iPhone App Store at the bottom of this post

Photoshop Camera Filter – Artful

Each filter has a name e.g. Artful, Night Shift, Glowing and Grit (black and white) so you can remember your favourites easily. I have chosen Artful for this sample with an extra discovery at the bottom of the post.

Two Easy Cat Photo Filters
Smartphone Original #1

Number 1 under Artful gives an almost watercolour paper texture to the portrait of Toulouse with each subsequent filter shafting the way it looks in subtle ways. The one thing you can say is, there will be a filter you will love.

My other favourite lenses at the moment in the app for you to try are:

  • Artful
  • Cyanotype
  • Galaxy
Cat Filter
Artful Filter #2
Artful Filter #3
Artful #4
Artful filter #5

Photo Filter – Cyanotype

Real cyanotypes are a photographic printing process with chemicals used to create a blue image. Using the chemicals is fiddly and you need to be very careful preparing paper and fabric to print on to, so discovering that there was a filter that did a lot of the hard work for me was exciting.

The snapshot, below, was cropped to remove a lot of garden and focus on Toulouse as he stalks the fence. There are four filters in this lens, each gives a different light or dark treatment.

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Engineers used the process well into the 20th century as a simple and low-cost process to produce copies of drawings, referred to as blueprints.The process uses two chemicals: ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide


Where Do I Get the Photoshop Camera App?

Google Play “With no picture editing or Photoshop skills needed, it’s easy to share your world — your way.”

Apple App Store “Show off your unique style with tons of aesthetic, Insta-worthy lenses and filters.”

12 thoughts on “Failed Photo? Try A Filter!”

  1. Eep! I love PhotoShop….have not used it in a few years since changing computers, but it’s my favorite program and I did not realize they have an app! Woohoo! I have used a few other apps on my iPhone to change photos into art and love it! Just actually posted one in my blog for this past FlashbackFriday of Wolfie and a pumpkin! Fun creative things…but I’m definitely hopping over to check out PhotoShop’s app! Thanks Marjorie! Great post, as always! Sharing, of course!

  2. I do not use filters, I just pull the camera out and click the photos, I am sure I can be doing a better job but with my eyes it is easier that way

  3. I rarely use filters on my photos but occasionally will for exactly the reason you outlined here – I have a photo I love in theory, but it just wasn’t as sharp or clear as I would have liked. The filter lets me still love and embrace the image while hiding those imperfections lol

  4. I love filters but not found many good free ones. I use photoshop for all my editing and had no idea about their filter app so off to check that out now and download it, as your photos look amazing with the different filters xxx

  5. Terrific idea to save a photo with artful filters! They can definitely be fun. I can tell you had a lot of fun with these filters of Toulouse. I’ll have to play around with them for Henry. Thanks for these great ideas! I’m sharing them with all my pet parents. I’m certain they’ll have fun as well.

  6. Filters surely can make not-so-perfect photos into beautiful images. Thank you for always reminding us of really awesome things!

  7. I Love that Artful filter! I’d love to try some filters like that, I’ll have to see if Canva has any. I’m sure they do, Canva is a pretty powerful tool. I haven’t used Photoshop, I don’t have that app. These are beautiful!

  8. Fabulous effects from all those filters! I’ve only ever tried the ones that pop up when posting on IG … can never decide which I like best … Head starts to spin …

  9. Those were fun ones! I always forget about using filters. If I have a questionable photo I just move on and look for a good one. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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