Thanks to Lucy Honeywood and an host of networkers, Jakki tells me that the two cats are safe and well. Thank you for your shares and help.

This is a cross post from Jakki who is mum to the late @MrTibbsAP, and @CatizenSmith, who is a valued and trustworthy rescue worker, it is of the utmost urgency and we appeal from the depths of our heart.

PLEASE. If you can share for these two cats it would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. The share buttons are readily available on this page. LOCAL SHELTERS ARE FULL!!!!

WHO : Meet Oliver (8) and Gingerchin (6).  Both neutered and up-to-date with shots – both lovely but frightened.

LOCATION : East London, United Kingdom

WHY IS IT URGENT : They need out by Thursday 24th of July.

CAT DETAILS : Both cats are neutered, up-to-date with injections. Gingerchin has a mild flea allergy. Both are sound and of good health. Both the victims of owner decease. CONTACT Jakki on Facebook, if you are not on FB leave a comment (they are moderated before publication so it will not reach the screen until I have seen it) or contact @Whskr on Twitter.




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