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The Magic of a Cat Ear Close-Up

I am getting up close with Dot Kitten for our selfies this week.

Dot is sisfur to Founder Cat Dash Kitten. They were adopted at the same time and as you can see here, she loves our warm weather this weekend. This picture is a bit too overexposed but I love Dot’s relaxed pose. I had to wait a while to get it just right.

Ear Ear its Dot

I wanted to try a really REALLY close up cat picture and challenge my camera skills. So instead of just sticking with this sweet close up, I moved in even closer!

Ear Ear!

Now you can understand the title of our post. The focus of our selfie is Dot’s ear as she sleeps in the sunshine. 

Ear Ear its Dot

The holidays are almost here and Christmas snow has already fallen in many parts of the world. Robins are appearing in England and in the USA Red Cardinals glow.

Here in New Zealand, the temperatures climb towards C25 (F77) and the cats enjoy some quality garden time.  

Will you let me know if you get any snow 😉 ?

10 thoughts on “The Magic of a Cat Ear Close-Up”

  1. I totally agree with Erin and Flynn. It is nice that you had the camera’s attention on Dot’s ears, ’cause sometimes humans don’t think of that. Dots ears glow like a sunset. Purr purr purr.

  2. Three cheers for the ears!!! What a charming picture and great close up. And so nice to see someone with sun and not snow!

    Have a great week

    Toodle pips


  3. Ear ear, indeed! That’s a great close-up, Marjorie!

    We don’t have snow yet, but we know it will get here sometime this winter…

  4. Beautiful ear shot! What a cutie you are Dot. Texas is not getting any snow this weekend, but we did have cold dreary rain.

  5. We won’t be getting snow here! But if we are lucky, we might get a few 77 degree days, even though we are northern hemisphere. Just not this week.

  6. Dot Kitten is very pretty. I like the ear close up, and the way the blood vessels can be seen with the sun shining through it.


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