Dusty’s Diary The Tale of the Runaway Cat

Dusty’s Diary The Tale of the Runaway Cat

Hi guys Dusty’s Diary here, well it’s me Dusty writing about …. * turns and whispers* … Silver, are you sure this is a good idea? The runaway cat?

*Silver pushes Dusty gently in front of the computer* …….  Go on, people want to know what happened, it’s quite a story…..

Escape of the Runaway Senior Cat

Well, many of you will remember me being taken on by the Dash Kitten Crew late last year. I did promise you chapter two of the story which is quite exciting, and the reason Mum keeps a close eye on me!

Cats are usually kept indoors for several weeks when they move to a new home, either from a rescue or their previous family, so I had been kept indoors for some four weeks and a bit. Then, suddenly, in that one critical moment while no-one was looking too closely I took my chance and I ran for it!

  • I shot out the catflap like a bullet and, for two whole nights, completely disappeared.

The family was frantic, and mum got in touch with my previous carer Michelle (who sheltered me after I was dumped) to see what I might do. Cats have been known to return to their previous homes but, as this was on the other side of a motorway, the family reasoned I might not be quite so reckless. Besides, I’m 14 and it would be a long walk. Carer Michelle reckoned I would not go too far….

Dusty the Cat

It is worth reminding you that October/November is winter time here in New Zealand, and while the temperatures are not as severe as our USA and European buddies get – it can be cold enough. So Mum regularly checked the garden from end to end. Then, suddenly, when she was totally unprepared and least expected it…… she turned around and there I was! Of course, being a cat, I ran away, as fast as I could – but Mum knew I was alive so she called on Upper Hutt Animal Rescue for help.  A kind lady called Melissa loaned mum a trap!

Almost cught the runaway cat !!

There was a false start with setting up the trap! Mum left a blanket over the top so it didn’t spring shut, and with people asking hourly if I was home yet, tension was mounting and the clock was ticking. Then, when Mum did one of her checks late in the morning, she heard scrabbling and scratching…… I had been caught! In spite of frantic struggling I could not get out of the darned thing Grrrrr!  Mum was so keen to get me inside and behind locked doors again that she hobbled over on her crutch (Silver told me she got knocked off her motorbike..) and when she reported my capture on Facebook I reckon Seville could hear the cheers in Nova Scotia!  * grins *

I was grounded until the better weather came. Well I reckon it IS warmer inside – and the food is better than running after mice. Mum locked the cat flap for weeks, and everyone else had to show their passes to get out (well Mum let them out the patio doors…). I guess she means it – I’m here for good!

Dusty Cat
Learning to live the good life.
Dusty Small







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  1. Sure glad you were caught. Being inside is so much better although some of us go outside but we live in a place where we are fairly safe. Great story.

  2. That must have been quite an adventure, Dusty! My human would have a heart attack if any of us got out and went missing! Binga has gotten out a couple of times, but never went very far and was only out for an hour at the most. The last time was a few years ago while my human was out for a while and when she came back, Binga was screaming to get back in!
    Summer recently posted…My Human Answers YOUR Kitty Questions!My Profile

  3. dood….just sayin….

    but sinz ya haza awesum for everz home now, free tee vee, computer ax cess, reclinerz chairz ta chillax in, food & treetz at will……

    just sayin….

    we think ya shuld dee side ta stay… IN !!!

    heerz two an orangespine unicorn fish kinda week oh end XXXX insert heartz

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