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Dusty and the Big Outdoors!

We are ready for the big outdoors, Spring is here! Dusty, who is our new senior boy (14), has been enjoying deck time so he can familiarise himself with the sights and smells of what will be his ‘own’ garden. He is being introduced to the house and garden in controlled stages and, so far, none of us has hissed or grumbled at him! This Mum thinks, is a good sign.

We believe you need to take your family familiarisation on a ‘cat by cat’ basis. Some settle in quickly, others take many weeks or months to settle and feel they are welcomed by other cats. Whatever you do, you take you lead from the cat, you do not try to force an issue like introducing a new cat. Each cat, like a person, adpats at a different rate, and much depends on previous experiences.

Our Harvey is from a hoarder sitution and was thenabandoned. It took him nearly a year to go outside and be comfortable around the house because he had been locked out as dumped. So, always take account of any previous experiences you might be able to gather about a cat. As things are progressing slowly but well with newbie Dusty, we thought you might enjoy a mini video update to meet the boy! He will be introduced to the garden bit by bit in easy stages.

Dusty from Marjorie Dawson on Vimeo.

He looks a bit untidy because his fur is still growing back. It was trimmed before he arrived with us to remove lots of terrible tangles. While Dusty is still under ‘crate arrest’ for trips outside (after his two nights as a runaway), we hope to try a supervised crate-less trip outside in November!

Did you spot my guest appearance?

Miranda Kitten
From the big outdoors!

DashKitten.com Miranda Kitten Blogger

13 thoughts on “Dusty and the Big Outdoors!

  1. Miranda…we DID see yur videe oh bomb !!! 🙂

    welcome two ewe dusty; ~~~~~~ waves, veree nice two meet ewe…will ewe be joinin de crew ?

    happee gotcha day two ewe if ewe R & pleez ta knot ta due any mor roamin dood !!! we noe ewe R gonna loves yur new home …best best best fishes two ewe

    insert heartz XXXXX

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