Ducks in a Row A New Zealand Mystery

Getting your ducks in a row means ‘getting yourself organised’ and this is exactly what Mum was doing on Monday. She submits work to a cool annual gallery craft show every September, here in New Zealand, at a lovely little place called Pinehaven. The last earring dangled, the last necklace clasp shone, and mum’s stock was ready to deliver.

Ducks in a Row
Ravenclaw chain maille bracelet by Whskr

Or so Mum thought…….

As many of you know Mum has an online shop called Whskr, full of pretty things she loves to make and folks love to buy, and much of the stock had been parcelled up in a waterproof bag for delivery, in fact there was a lot of new stuff that isn’t in the online shop yet, and….. IT……… DISAPPEARED!

The search was on. Where could the missing handmade Whskr jewellery be?

The Face of Guilt?

We immediately pointed the paw at the Triceratops mum finished over the week-end but Mum was not having any of it! After several fruitless hour searching high and low, turning the house upside down, she delivered the stock she had and pleaded for time to locate the missing items (worth over $200!). Mum decided that she needed to organise a proper search and this would be undertaken the following morning.

The sun is rose, the grass is rizz I wond……. (Ed. Silver get on with it…….)

OK OK! Mum rolled up her sleeves and began to look. She did a quick visual search through the house then began by checking under the bed steps she had checked the previous morning. She saw something glint in the shadows, and, still on her crutches, she hurried to find the torch and struggled down to the floor (Mum:- “try it yourself with a broken leg Silver….”).

The Ducks in a Row Mystery revealed

The glint became a gleam, and then a glimmer as more and more items were unearthed from the collection of shoes and slippers under the bed. The missing jewellery was found, and the culprit immediately in the spotlight – SIENNA!

Triceratops and Sienna
Sienna: “Darn, I thought I could pass it off on you!”

How did Mum guess so fast? After thinking she had mislaid the jewellery (and going nuts trying to remember the safe place she might have used), the only other answer was a cat removing the bag from its spot beside Mum’s chair. There is only one cat in the household who does that crazy stuff – our tortie Sienna.

So problem solved, and Mum’s jewellery is now all ready to be bought at the craft fair!

Silver Kitten
Ducks in a Row Crime Reporter
Dash Kitten Silver Kitten the Business Cat









Written by Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie Dawson, Blogger, Video Maker and Photographer is an established blogger who loves to teach Bloggers about creating their own movies to blow Sponsors away. She also investigates and researches Cat Tech for Dash Kitten blog.

16 thoughts on “Ducks in a Row A New Zealand Mystery

  1. way ta go sienna !!!! N best fishes two yur mum at de fair; we hope her sellz all her stuff & makes 90 bazillion dollarz ~~~~ insert hearts XXX

  2. Next time Sienna make sure to plant a piece of jewelry on the triceratops so you can deflect some of the blame away from yourself. 😉

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