Discover the Kapiti Arts Trail

Discover the Kapiti Arts Trail

Mum and Dad visited local artist’s studios to discover the Kapiti Arts Trail.  The trail is an annual celebration of art in all its forms, sculpture, painting, fibre arts and metalwork in the form of jewellery and sculptures. You will laugh at our first accidental art work, the monochrome arrangement of cars in one of the exhibition car parks (not quite “50 shades of” but……) Grey is a popular colour.

The Kapiti town of Paraparaumu is home to Whitireia Polytechnic and they hosted a wonderfully inspiring collection of jewellers, fibre artists and painters in their foyer. As you can see from the slideshow, these include an artist who worked in batik to make vibrant images, and an abstract painter.

When we went out to discover the Kapiti Arts trail, we also visited studios, including a sculptress who works in Oamaru stone – this is a pale stone with a sandstone look and is very user-friendly. Workshops in the stone are popular as even a beginner can coax a bird from the stone. The Kapiti Arts Trail is an annual event that showcases the Kapiti Coast’s wonderful creatives and is well worth a visit..

Check out a snippet of the wonderful pictures in our slideshow below, you can see where we travel up the coast, then the nicely organised Whitireia Campus exhibition area and some of the artists’ homes and gardens!

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  1. dood…thanx for sharin thiz toor…..sum awesum werks for sure & whoa…how kewl iz kapiti island…think oh de fishin !!!

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