Disaster Preparedness for Pets

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

In February 2011 a major disaster hit Christchurch, New Zealand which affected lives and pets.We are known as the ‘shakey isles’ here in New Zealand but other parts of the world are also prone to such events.ย  As March is seen as Disaster Preparedness Month we want to bring the whole family in on this – and make you think. [Our feature image is from Quake Cats by Craig Bullock see our review.]

Things you should do to keep your pets as safe as you can if you are in a disaster prone area:-

  • Keep your microchip details up-to-date so you can be reunited fast.
  • What do you MEAN your pet isn’t microchipped? Even indoor kitties can get out at some point – JUST DO IT.
  • Cat or pup on medication? Diabetic, thyroid? Do you have enough to cover a few weeks ‘just in case’?
  • Prepare an ‘evacuation’ plan – in case you are requested to move.(An HUGE worry for us as the cats are mostly outdoor – we are working on that…)
  • Oh and is that microchip info. Is it up-to-date? Check it.
  • Make sure you have enough pet food and a bottle of clean water? Even on a budget, a bag of food stashed away will be an huge help.
  • Oh and we forgot……. Cat Litter – thanks to Brian Frum and Family for this one!!

The video below gives an idea of what happens, and the best way to prepare and deal with a disaster – take a peep its not long.



Miranda Kitten











  1. miranda…manee thanx for sharin thiz post, we a preciates it… as well as de ree minder ta double chex what we due have on hand & reddy…..XXXXX

  2. These are really important tips! Oh, and the microchip thing Maxwell, Faraday and Allie mentioned? Also remind the humans to keep the info up to date! Binga and Boodie’s are WAY old – Boodie’s isn’t even in my human’s name!
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