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Cute Kitten Pictures on #ThrowBackThursday

Cute Kitten Pictures on #ThrowBackThursday

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I recently closed my Pro Flickr account after a long time. A company called SmugMug have purchased Flickr and my renewal would have doubled to $50 less some small change.

The Big Cute Kittens Download

This meant that I had to download all of my pictures. It didn’t take too long but the upside of closing the account is discovering lots of pictures I had forgotten. I have plenty of fun pictures to share!

You will often see the twosome on the blog now that I am trying to practice cat portraits, and both are lovely. They were also the cutest kittens and adopted from Upper Hutt Animal Rescue Services in New Zealand.

Silver Kitten as a cute Baby 2013

When Little ‘Un passed away we wanted to find some-cat to follow in her paw steps. We had not anticipated adopting two but the siblings have proved lively if argumentative.

Silver and Miranda argument 2013

The pictures were taken about five years ago and I had forgotten how tiny they both were. I intend to print off copies of these pictures because otherwise, I risk losing them.

The pair are still lively aduls, and not above a fierce game of chase even in 2019!

Miranda and Silver 2013

So in an odd way, I am thankful that I had to download the pictures because it has allowed me to explore older memories. These were all taken on my point and shoot so may not be perfect quality.

BUT, as I say when people are discouraged by the quality of their images. A slightly blurry picture of a precious memory is worth its weight in gold. Not every picture needs to be perfect to tell a story. Remember my picture of Harvey in the evening sun?

Miranda and Silver Kittens 2013 2

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7 thoughts on “Cute Kitten Pictures on #ThrowBackThursday”

  1. Mee-yow wow Silver an Miranda were such cute kittss!! An they are lovelee grown up catss now Miss Marjorie. You are so guud at takin fotoss’. LadyMew iss leernin alot from you….butt her cammyra iss a Kewl Pix so there are limitss…on an mee not co-operatin, mew mew mew…..
    **purrss** BellaDharma

  2. All kittens are cute … but SHAZAM! These two are in another galaxy! I love stories of siblings staying together. I know its not the norm for cats in the wild – which makes these examples even more poignant.

  3. Those are such wonderfully fun photos and we love seeing them as wee ones! Please check out our blog tomorrow. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. Those are lovely photos of them as kittens. You are right, even blurry photos hold irreplaceable memories.


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