Cruelty Free Feathers

Cruelty Free Feathers

May I introduce a Fanboy Friday that is quite unique.

Crafty Review

We are crafty cats, as you know, and conscious of the need to balance what we buy and the integrity of the source it comes from. This means no animal cruelty, and a thorough knowledge of our products for the shop Mum runs to help fund our ‘luxurious’ lifestyle.

With this in mind, meet our friend Rene who runs Cruelty Free Feathers. Now, I know you probably think feathers are feathers – right? But as Rene points out, the ones in the shops you think are a cheap bargain are NOT picked up off the ground OK?  …. winces…

A Friend Loves Them

Rene saw an opportunity to provide genuine merchandise of great beauty for a range of practical crafts, wonderful jewellery and interior decor – totally cruelty free.

Her small, ‘made in the USA’ business values honesty, integrity and respect for animals above all things. To us it’s worth checking out CFF before you grab that plastic bag of cheap feathers in the craft store.

We did not realise, until we visited Cruelty Free Feathers, the sheer range of things feathers are used for! When we asked Rene she told us “Paint on them, paint with them, decorate hats, use for home decor, use for fine art, make jewelry, make fascinators, make hair extensions, decorate scarves…….”

Go take a look, it’s amazing what feathers are used for!

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