Peanut and Marjorie at Dash Kitten
Whskr and Peanut

  • Harvey’s Selfie Giveaway
    Our post on Thursday launched our special giveaway for a paperback copy of Purrseverance that contains Harvey’s journey to his forever home. Don’t worry you didn’t miss the giveaway!
  • Purrseverance Book Giveaway.
    Purrseverance – Inspiring stories of Cat Resilience and Hope launches soon. Dash Kitten has a story published in this volume and is giving away a copy plus a cute bonus coffee mug.
  • Let’s Talk About Aperture
    New to cat photography? Let me introduce something you might like to explore. Aperture. What is it? How can it make a difference? Let me give you a quick run down.
Tabby cat looking upwards
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Beginner Smartphone Movie Tips
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Cat Smartphone Video Beginners

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