Create A Ripple BE the Wave for Tiny Timmy

Create a Ripple BE the Wave with Timmy Lipenda.

Many of you will know of Tiny Timmy Lipenda.  He would rather not be famous, he would rather he hadn’t had a severe reaction against an ‘over the counter’ flea treatment. Someone foolishly thought this cheap remedy would be safe for a kitten but it totally changed the course of Timmy’s life causing neurological damage.

Create a Ripple BE the Wave

The damage Timmy suffered means he and his Mum are now devoted to collecting vital knowledge about safe and unsafe treatments; the chemical companies involved, and also battling for safe alternatives to cheap toxic chemical treatments. Timmy is a fighter and he gets acupuncture to help his mobility – he totally rocks so listen up……..

The Timmy's Ashes Project

Timmy has developed a fun, funky and SAFE attack weapon against fleas!

It’s called Dirty Flea Soap and he has launched an IndieGogo page to fund it.

We think this could save lives, this could help a lot of animals.  If you think about it, it takes real courage and commitment to start something like this, they are quiet, determined heroes and we are honoured to support them because it really matters. Please support Timmy’s  hopes by donating and sharing as much as you can.

Timmy and his mum speak :-

On May 12 Timmy turns FIVE YEARS OLD. We have worked tirelessly on your behalf, travelling to Washington to meet with the EPA, doing countless hours of research & helping those who need it when it comes to harmful flea & tick products these past five years. PLEASE we need your help to create Dirty Flea Soap. You can help with a credit card or PayPal, but even ONE DOLLAR helps. We direly need to raise another $6,000 in only 7 days. Do not wait. We need you now. Not One More Like Him. Ever.

16 thoughts on “Create A Ripple BE the Wave for Tiny Timmy”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful article supporting Timmy and his awesome flea soap! We’ve used it and LOVE it! We believe in Timmy!

  2. I am so grateful that you covered this story. Timmy and his peep rock. They’ve done so much for animals and humans, too. Now, they’re starting a little business that could change things, give people a safe choice, compete with the big boys who don’t care. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for covering this Indiegogo and giving some ink to Timmy and his peep. People assume any flea treatment you can buy must be regulated by the government and must be safe, but that’s not the case. Thank you for helping to spread the word!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this on your bloggie Dash! You rock! If everyone who reads this somewhere who loves animals or tiny humans contributes only $1 and leaves a comment, we would exceed our goal. You just created a ripple that will become a huge, unstoppable wave of change! *headbonks* Timmy

  5. Thanks for the awesome post on Timmy’s campaign! I will share in a a little while – I just shared my own post about it on Twitter! 🙂


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