Creamsicle Angus Sunday and a Question

Creamsicle Angus Sunday and a Question

Hello from our creamsicle friend ‘Angus’ who is in total clown mode as New Zealannd’s weather gets warmer. 

BUT Before we go any further, an Important Announcement:

Commenting Issues

Some of our best buddies are having commenting issues on our blog. Thank you very much for letting us know. It should pass now we are https compliant (and this may be the cause of the issue) Try a couple of times, or clear your cache because it might be remembering us as http. Any worries, please email us at thecrew @ or leave a comment on Facebook or on Twitter.

OK Le’s get down to the Selfies and our friends at The Cat On My Head

If you don’t know the hop – you need to! It’s the best for fun, cute pictures and genuine friendly warmth.

Angus Creamsicle Fun

Cool basket this........

Wow this is a cool toy!

Meet neighbour Angus who comes to visit. Mum caught him fooling in the wash basket and we suspect he has been taking lessons from Marv in Canada! What do you think guys?

We don’t remember washing this?

Errrr Hello! Just examining this cat toy wash basket for playful-funness

Hey! I fit just nicely in here!


So have a good National Cat Day from

The Dash Kitten Crew

  1. I’ve had some commentin’ issues on some other WordPress blogs but so far, paws crossed, not on yours, and thanks-be-to-goodness for that! Basically, Peep #1 accidentally signed me out of WordPress by accident, then she had to get a new password for me, which she promptly forgot, and she must have accidentally signed me out again ’cause I’m back to the same ol’ issues. Stupid peep. MOUSES!

  2. Angus!
    How did I miss this post!?!
    You have a most wonderful basket!
    I. Marvelous, got a new box yesterday…I think there might be some future posts IF Mommy can get a picture of me in it! As soon as she brings out her phone, I LEAP out of the box and walk off!
    He He

  3. Hi What a lovely spot for a selfie. Angus looks very content with it. Thank goodness the laundry wasn’t there MOL
    Toodle pip

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