Crash Crosswords Solution

Crash Crosswords Solution

Today we present the solution to the Crash Cast Crossword for your delectation, delight and discovery * sets thesaurus aside *. We promised you the answers so here they are!

Dad took a picture of the solution on top of Mum’s cast and she had to try hard not to giggle and make it fall off!  Below we present the crossword, the clues and the grid so you can work things out.  If you need any explanations, leave a note in the comments, we will ask Paul Henderson aka ‘Phi’ to see if he can help.

Crossword Solution Grid Cast

Harvey Button
Middle Earth Monday Correspondent


  1. harvey….dood…ya did an awesum job on thiz cross werd !! we did missed thiz one coz we iz rare lee a loud online on de week oh end… we wooda getted it wrong any way but wooda had fun tryin….hope yur mums leg iz doin aye oh kay !! XXXXX

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Crash Crossword Graphic
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