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Pet Photography Ideas Roundup June 2019

Pet Photography Ideas Roundup June 2019

April has seen us show off so many of our friend’s portraits so I thought I would finish off the month with a roundup of Parade Posts and a few lovely cat portraits.

Pet Parade Spring

Our first April post highlights how close-ups can focus our attention on markings. Yes, your camera will take close-ups, no matter how basic it is.

Betty Close-Up photograph
(c) DashKitten.com DSLR ‘Betty’

How to Start Cat Close-Up Photography

This post covers the camera you need. Top tips on the best way to get close to your cat. Hints for mode and exposure settings. Yes, you CAN take good close-up pictures.

Miranda looks left closeup photograph
(c) DashKitten.com ‘Miranda’

The Magic of a Cat Face

Some of the most gorgeous cat images submitted for the challenge and why lying down can be a big help.

Chenzou Profile portrait of a cat
(c) Chenzou from Neko-Ngeru Cat Cafe

The Funny Side of Pet Pictures

Funny cat pictures can happen by accident, and sometimes it’s hard to work out which was up your pet is meant to be!

Photograph of Harvey Looking up
Harvey Button (c) DashKitten.com

I have enjoyed this month’s mini-challenge and featuring so many of our pet blogging friends. If you did miss a post, check back for pictures that will make you laugh and inspire you. to take pictures yourself.

Your friends on Twitter and Instagram will love to see your close-ups. Go for it!

In May I am tackling how to compose a photograph and the many ways there are to make your photographs look interesting. fun and focused.

Next Month’s Challenge

What’s your biggest composition challenge? Why not tell me in the comments!


Marjorie is a motorbike riding blogger and award winning cat photographer who believes that everyone can shoot and edit wonderful pictures they love regardless of the camera they use.

She is a Professional member of the Cat Writers Association, Kuykendall Image Award winner and published photographer at the Guardian newspaper.

5 thoughts on “Pet Photography Ideas Roundup June 2019”

  1. Love the close-ups! Oh, Miranda looks just like our beautiful not-so-feral-anymore Binx! I actually just took a photo of him today where I composed it with him walking in front of our blooming bright pink azalea bush! Love composition and close-ups! <3

  2. Great shots! We were gonna send you closeups of The Cats That Came Before Me but TW never got around to it. She took those with an analog SLR camera with FILM!

  3. Those are all lovely close ups. I was lucky with Flynn as he loved to pose for the camera. If Eric saw the camera he would either rush towards it or turn his back. Unless I caught him unawares, the majority of his photos were taken with the zoom.

  4. I’ve enjoyed seeing all the great close-up shots and learning more from this month’s challenge. Betty, Chenzou, Miranda, and Harvey Button all look gorgeous today. 🙂

    I think one of the most challenging things, composition-wise for me is that it isn’t always possible to “stage” the cats at the shelter. I’m often limited to certain angles and backgrounds, so I often end up taking what I can get, or contorting myself or crawling on the floor in an attempt to show the cats at their best.


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