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The Character of a Cat #Portfolio

This week I want to present a selection of images that show Toulouse growing from newbie family member with his first portrait, to his recent balancing excursions as a ‘character of a cat’ series.

The first photograph was taken on his very first day with us. He is sat in a window ledge and (if you look closely) you can see that the window is slightly open on a catch. Toulouse was curious about outside but didn’t venture out of the cat flap for 18 months.

Cat in a car looking out of the window. Back of a man's head.
Look closely and you can see Toulouse looking forward.
Tabby cat looking out of a window
Toulouse the Tabby First Day at Home.

Cat Posing Expert

It did not take Toulouse long to decide that Marjorie with her camera was something he could ignore. This meant that he spent more time looking elsewhere than at me as I focused me new telephoto lens on him!

Toulouse Portrait with Telephoto Lens a character cat
Showing off his Bokeh Background.

The ability to zoom in from a distance means I begn to learn to capture bette shots of Toulouse further away, like this first peep between two branches of a small tree. He is definitely showing his character cat credentials.

Junior Tabby Cat Toulouse climbs a tree on an adventure
Not perfect but high up and the ‘whut’? look.

As you can see from the last photograph, I got a bit better and Toulouse didn’t hide away quite so much.

Outdoor Tabby Cat Pleasures

This trio show Toulouse’s increasing confidence as he ventured outside for some summer sun, where he made friends with his neighbour Wyatt and played with brofur Thomas, a tuxedo who is the master of quiet mischief. He loves to come sneaking up on Toulouse so they both to tumbling wildly across the grass.

Autumn Cat Posing for Blog
Tabby cat in motion. Stalking his friend Wyatt.
Two cats crouch by a fence
Wyatt and Toulouse playing.
Two cats tumbling in the grass
‘Action’ Tumbling tabby (Toulouse) and tuxedo (Thomas).

Thankfully no harm is ever done and Toulouse can stalk away with his dignity and young man-cat pride intact. This portrait of him striding confidently down the path is one of my favourites. I focused on his face, withsoftly focused grass behind him and a determined look on his tabby face and a splendid show of whiskers.

Striding Tabby Cat Walks towards Camera
Striding Confident Tabby Character

Up To Date Toulouse

I finish with recent portraits of our now ‘so grown up’ tabby. He still plays like a kitten but has gained confidence and often visits our neighbour (Wyatt’s mum and dad) claiming he has not been fed for days, (and days and weeks!) and is very hard done by.

As we are usually still alseep with this happens (!) we can hardly be accused of neglect and Wyatt’s mum laughs at his antics. We try to reciprocate by offering Wyatt a bowl of our Royal Canin ‘Exigient’ which is the Dash Kitten Crew’s all-time favourite snack. He accepts our treat graciously.

Tabby cat walking across grass looking to our right
Perfect Tabby Portrait.
Tbby cat looking dwon from a high point in a tree,surrounded by green leaves.
Tongue Out Tuesday and Up-A-Tree-Thursday combo!

This is a lovely collection that shows the character of a cat called Toulouse. Mischief maker, cheeky tree climber and handsome tabby.

Have you ever done a set or series of cat portraits that capture your cat’s personality? Were you pleased with the result? Or, is this something you would like to try from the digital cat photographs you have saved? Remember you can crop, and edit your cat photographs to make them brighter if you think they will look a bit better.


Bonham of our friends and lovely regular colleagues in the selfies the Lone Star Cats passed suddenly this week, with no indication of ill health. Needless to say he leaves behind a family heartbroken by his abrupt departure and there are dozens of grief-filled comments on this blog post.

11 thoughts on “The Character of a Cat #Portfolio”

  1. The photos really show off the beauty of Toulouse. You really can see the character of a pet through photos. Just love all these. Toulouse is also a great model! Pinning to share with others.

    So sorry to hear about your friend Bonham’s passing.May he be scampering happily in those beautiful Rainbow Bridge fields.

  2. You’ve expertly shown how to capture the personality and character of Toulouse in these beautiful photos. Each one tells a story onto itself. Truly a great job and one that should inspire many to put many photos together to skillfully tell the story of their fur kid.

    I’m sorry to hear about Bonham. That’s never easy. You’ve done a wonderful tribute to him and his family.

  3. He is so photogenic! These shots are lovely and they do show his growing confidence. I love them all!

  4. I am so sorry about Boniham, may he run free over the Rainbow Bridge.

    Your photos are as always just amazing and I only wish I could capture Layla the way you do with Toulouse. Maybe one day

  5. Beautiful photos of Toulouse, particularly the action ones. It was very sad and such a shock to hear of Bonham’s passing at such an early age.

  6. What a lovely photo essay of Toulouse, Marjorie. It really does a wonderful job of showing us all his one-of-a-kind purrsonality and character.


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