Change a Pet’s Life Day

Change a Pet’s Life Day

Today is Change a Pet’s Life Day in America, and we thought we should support this with three four important tips aimed at health and safety for cat owners in particular. We ARE a feline household after all!

The Change a Pet’s Life Day Action Plan!

  • Take your cat to the vet. Too many cats never get to a vet – fact. We mean, really? What’s with this ‘my cat doesn’t need a vet’ myth? Make your cat’s life better right this minute – book a vet health check, and GO. Or are you one of those people who dumps a cat at a kill shelter because they have a UTI due to your own negligence? 
  • Feed Your Cat Good Food. For many it’s a case of you buy what you can, when you can can, and this is fine! A loved cat on Friskies is as good as a pedigree on a raw diet. Just remember, try and stretch to maybe a packet of freeze-dried treats for special occasions, or to share a piece of your chicken or fish on a saucer –  so you both get to enjoy something special.
  • Spend Time with Your Cat. Many people lead hectic lives, even if they work from home. It is important to ensure you both have some down time – stepping away from the desk, or the kitchen, and making a real effort to turn off by grabbing the Neko Fly, or cuddling your cat. Yes, it can take time to turn off, let go of the  ‘Must Do’ or ‘Need To…’ but it’s worth the effort, because you get to spend time together! You know, doing ‘nothing’ as part of your day is great for your cat and for you! 
  • Be Safety Conscious. In the UK at the moment the hashtag #UKCatKiller is getting a lot of attention. An unknown madman is systematically murdering cats throughout the South East of the country. The usually carefree cats of England, who love their gardens, now live in fear. UK folks PLEASE ensure your cat is in at night.

Cat graphic for Change a Pet's Life day

Change a Pet’s Life Day Action Plan – Implement!

OK now go and do it. I know many of you will not need to do the first step – but some will.  Go and change a pet’s life today. 

If you don’t have a pet, but love animals :-

  • Fundraise for a shelter. Dogs, Cat, Rabbits, Owls – they all need your time and energy.
  • Volunteer at a shelter – cats needs cleaning, dogs need walking, so do ferrets (we think!)
  • Help at an adoption event.
  • Donate food to a shelter, or blankets, or money. Our friends at AvertingCATastrophe a 501(c)3 are always in need of cat food – your local rescue may be too.

Our Mum and Dad changed all our lives by adopting us all from shelters. We are loved, we are fed and we have a safe home. Change a pet’s life today by following our tips. Your own life will be much richer for it.

Phoebe Kitten
Change a Pets Life Day Reporter
Phoebe the kitten cat from Dash Kitten





  1. What a great post. So sorry I’m a month behind in reading it. Better late than never I guess. Somehow I never get to the timeline in Blogger and keep missing posts. I’ve been on M’s case about doing more visiting of blogs, so maybe now we can get our act together.

  2. This post is quite insightful. Cats are great companion and they need to be cared for. Our feline friends have a way of hiding illness hence taking them to vet is something we should practice often.

  3. Kudos on an excellent post. Our vet always needs towels, and that’s where ours go when they get a bit too worn for human use. So many things people can do for their own pets as well as for shelters and rescues. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  4. Great points, Phoebe. We keep our cats indoors for a wide variety of safety issues. I hope someone catches and stops that cat killer. How horrible.
    I’ll go cuddle Rufus now. He’s been patiently waiting for me to finish commenting!

  5. Phoebe, that was excellent! You really shared some terrific ways to change a pet’s life, and if people do even just one (or two or three) of those things, they will be that change. 🙂


  6. We eat really good. Mommy says we be her most ‘spensive bill, but dat she wouldn’t change a thing. she would go without anythin’ and everythin’ to make sure we have da bestest food we’ll eat on our plates. And as bad as our VETs are, she makes sure we see them when we need too. Great posty. Big hugs to all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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