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Celebrating Dusty A Senior Stray Rescue

On Wednesday 24th of May 2017 Dusty left us. He was a challenge, a lovely cat and taught us all so much about patience, cheekiness and the treasured moments we discovered along the way. So, today the nearest day to his angelversary I celebrate our fine boy.

Dusty, we discovered adored car rides so we ended up creating a short series of videos for you to enjoy. I am including the first one here as it really is a lovely lift to the spirits, and shows you that a simple cat story can be captured on video.

For those who do not know our senior rescue let me point you at a couple of posts to read when you have time.

Dusty’s Drama Day was a worry but a good outcome and his seaside trip was a lovely experience for all three of us: Dusty, Paul and myself, so I hope you ca read one or two.

A handful of lovely portraits of our lovely sweet and cheeky senior.

Dusty Cat at the Vet
A vet visit snapshot
Dusty the grey senior cat at Dash Kitten
Early photo of a shy senior
A cat enjoying summer outside in a safe crate
First time out in my crate
A senior grey cat portrait
Being a cutie

11 thoughts on “Celebrating Dusty A Senior Stray Rescue”

  1. I never got to know Dusty, but now we have gotten a good idea about how special and wonderful he truly was.

  2. Dusty was such a special dude and we were so happy that you were able to give him all of those happy times.

  3. Hugs and purrs to you as you remember your special and dear Dusty. We are grateful you were all blessed to share so much love and life in the time you had together. XO


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