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Cats and Cocktails (Book Review)

What do cats, cocktails and cameras have in common? They are all involved in the creation of an inspiring and fascinating book of cocktails and ‘mock’tails created and photographed by a group of cat lovers on Instagram.

No, you don’t have to be on Instagram to enjoy the book, but if you are, check out the links to the cool cats who appear in the links below the photos.

Why do I love the book as a cat photographer? Because it is a source of some of the best cat photos you will see in book form this year and you will love browsing.

Best of all, the profits from the book are donated to a cat charity. You can read the recent exciting announcement below.

Who and What are Cats and Cocktails?

The Cats and Cocktails Club (CCC for short!) is a worldwide group of cat lovers on Instagram who love to create and sip cocktails. The group began to flourish during pandemic times and founders Kayla Tabish and Jenna Aviano say the group has been a source of strong and supportive friendships.

Bengal cat sniffs at a glass with green cocktail
Meowdel Credit: @memphisandcash_

The Cats and Cocktail Book

Although you all know I am a cat photographer and the images are what first took my breath away, I need to spotlight the detail and very high production qualities of Cats and Cocktails. Why? Because I believe it this is part of the book’s pleasure. This is a real book that is an absolute joy to hold, to browse though and then to use.

A team of skilled volunteers contributed to the editing, mixology, design and proofreading, and they have created a cocktail book much better than many you will find in bookshops.

Here’s why:

  • The meowdels are all cats
  • The 144 colour images are superb
  • The paper is top quality heavy paper (130 gsm)
  • Superior quality hardback format
  • Clear instructions for the 52 cocktails and mocktails
  • Printed in the Netherlands – Grafistar B.V.
  • All the proceeds have been donated to a cat charity (see below).

The cocktails are divided into seasons, so I can enjoy Summer cocktails while my US and European friends sip their Winter cocktails. Each drink has a two page spread with a stunning image and a clear cocktail recipe with a mini cat bio at the bottom as a final flourish. I love this Harry Potter themed autumnal (fall) image from valor_mystic.

Cat posing with a cocktail
Meowdel Credit: @valor_mystic
  • The bio is great chance to explore the cats’ Instagram feeds (although being on IG isn’t essential to read the book!)

Can I Take a Cats and Cocktails Style Photo?

Yes, you can!

What is inspiring about the book (for cat photographers) is that many of the setups for the photos are simple with a touch of elegance There is a bonus page of helpful tips to help you create your own cat and cocktails portrait and a fun page of bloopers and a few sneak peeks that give you insights into how some of the cat photos were taken.

I am sharing one of my favourite ‘staged’ photos below. A little more work in this one I am sure, but Zimba just nails the cool cat look!

Bengal cat enjoying the sun while sat on a beach chair.
Meowdel Credit: @lotsameows

Cats and Cocktails Fundraising Announcement

A list of the charities involved can be found on the book page. The book’s success has been such that the following announcement was posted on Instagram recently:

The Cats and Cocktails Club is overjoyed with the success of our book. Thanks to all of your support, we are able to fulfill our goal of helping cats. Mission Meow will receive a $4000 donation, which is the proceeds from US sales of our first batch of books.

We will also be donating another $4000 in proceeds from our European sales to European charities. We can’t wait for batch two so that more people can enjoy the book and more cats can be helped!

CCC Instagram

Where Can I Get the Book?

The first edition of the book sold out and a reprint is on the way. If you are interested add your name to the essential Cats and Cocktails Book Waitlist

10 thoughts on “Cats and Cocktails (Book Review)”

  1. This book looks totally Fetch! I love that it raising donations, too! But can I say you had me at “Butterscotch Brew!” And the feline models are gorgeous. What beautiful photos…those photos would sure entice me to try the recipes! Great concept, beautiful work!

    I used to love posing my FiveSibes for photos. Chloe was always my go-to gal as she was a real poser! She wouldn’t move a muscle! I think in another life she was a famous model! The others were all really good, too, but they had a time limit for posing! BOL! And Wolfie, well, if he was in a mood, he would sulk at the camera! Most times he cooperated, but when he didn’t want to…his expressions let me know! Thanks for sharing this with us! I will keep my eye on that book when it is back in stock! Sharing!

  2. These two photos are amazing – and so are the cat models! I love these highly staged pet photos, I’ve tried to do this type of photography with my dogs too. Phoebe was The best model ever, she would do anything I asked of her in photos. What a great collaboration to put something like this together, especially for such a good cause The drinks looks so pretty & tasty!

  3. What a wonderful idea, highlighting cats while having a cocktail, a good book to have on your coffee table also.

  4. What a wonderful book find! The photos are stunning. It certainly looks like a very fun book to browse. I absolutely LOVE that they donate some of their proceeds to kitties in need. Thank you for sharing this book, Marjorie! I’m sharing with all my pet parents.

  5. That book would make a great and fun book for cat lovers who love a good cocktail!! Or is it cat-tail?? LOL!

  6. That is so cool and it’s amazing how much wonderful stuff is out there that we don’t know about. Thanks for telling us. Thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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