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Hello! My name is Marjorie and I am the owner of Dash Kitten cat photography blog.

If you are not sure where to look first, let me introduce you to some of the beginner friendly camera posts that will get your creative skills moving.

There are tips for working with your cats (demanding models – right?), getting in close for special portraits, and getting your smartphone photos organised.

If you need more assistance then EMAIL ME and I will do my best to help.

Marjorie and Silver the tabby

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Cat Photo Confidence For Everyone

Cat Photo Inspiration

These are some of my most popular posts. They get you started with confidence, so you get good results faster.

  1. Cat Posing for Great Photos
    Yes, you can get your cat to pose! Take a look at these fun tips from a cat lover and long time cat herder who makes it work – me!
  2. Smartphone Cat Photo Confidence
    Top tips that prove your smartphone makes the cut as a creative tool. Impress with your images on social media, and to show off your top cats to your friends.
  3. Succeed With Cat Close-Up Photography
    Close up photos are intimate and loving. How do you get close and keep your photos sharp? I can help.
  4. Organize Your Cat Photos
    This is ‘must read’ guide. Overwhelmed with a smartphone full of cat photos? Be organised with this post from Nikki Hess, top Instagrammer and mom to Manny the Halloween Cat.
A Black and White Photographic Portrait 'Chenzou Surveys the Cat Cafe'

Don’t Think You Can Take Good Photos?

After only three years of focused photography study with my entry level DSLR and my smartphone, I was awarded the Kuykendall Image Award by the Cat Writers’ Association. If I can create an image of real impact, I know you can as well.

Black and White Sam 2021.

Take The Next Step With Black and White

Composing good photos? Happy you are making progress with your aperture and shutter speed? Try exploring black and white with your cat. The results may surprise and inspire you.

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