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Cat Lovers Book Ideas (2024)

Sitting by a pool? Snuggled by a New Zealand fire? A good read will help you pass the time, or learn or fly you away on an adventure. Let me suggest some tempting reads.

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Ghost Cat at the Mystery Hotel – Mollie Hunt

This is a fun and exciting cosy mystery series that I am really enjoying. Camellia Collins heads to a ‘murder mystery weekend’ with an old friend where we meet a mix of weird and fun characters who are there to take part in the hotel’s mystery ‘whodunnit’. Then everything gets a little bit more dramatic with a real body….Kindle/Paperback

When Camelia Collins meets her old college friend Anne Pine for a murder mystery weekend at the coast, death becomes more than a game. Accompanied by her ghost cat companion Soji, Camelia begins to discover clues that have nothing to do with the role-playing storyline.


The World According to Spud

This is a lovely book by a British cat. Spud has lively opinions on so many things that you will find yourself laughing and shaking your head in recognition at his cat’s view of life and humans. ‘The World According to Spud‘. Kindle/Paperback

Mum Carol Walker assisted real cat and model Spud with the writing of this fun book, and as a lovely bonus a portion of sales goes to local cat rescues.

Extraordinary Cats

Anita Kelsey introduces us to 16 extraordinary cats who have delighted owners and brought joy to communities. You will laugh, and shed a tear or two at some of these amazing characters. Each featured cat has a short collection of supplementary vignettes featuring cats who are also heroic, sweet, sad or funny. Kindle/Paperback

Discover the captivating world of fabulous felines in The Little Book Of Extraordinary Cats. Join Anita Kelsey on a journey through fifteen remarkable tales celebrating the courage, resilience, and affection of our beloved feline companions….. Whether you’re a cat lover or seeking heart-warming stories of human-animal connections, this book is a must-read.


Cozy Mystery – Debbie de Louise

A second ‘cozy’ recommendation is the Buttercup Bend series by Debbie de Louise. The Whale Watching Wedding Planner is the latest and on my upcoming reads list. I have really enjoyed the books so far and look forward to this one.

BONUS TIP: Debbie’s Sea Scope (Kindle) is a paranormal mystery well worth a read for those who enjoy something a little different.

The Whale Watching Wedding Planner

Cathy, Nancy, and Mildred are on their way to Long Island to plan a triple wedding. When they try to meet with Georgia Hampton, a wedding planner who leads whale-watching tours, they discover her body upon her boat……


Malkins and Mages Series

A series of feline-themed books by Virginia Ripple; these are perfect young folks reading. Parents will enjoy the well told magical stories with a touch of gentle faith.

Apprentice Cat

Toby is a young tom with big dreams. He wants to be just like his father, who had a distinguished career serving the High Council until his disappearance. First things first, Toby must become an apprentice cat and study magic with other magical cats and mages.

Black Cats and Pumpkins

I have shared this on DashKittenPhotos Instagram account and with readers of the Dash Kitten newsletter as I was so thrilled when I finished this. It was a birthday gift and I really enjoyed asembling it.

  • Yes, it is Halloween themed, but it has a cat and it was a lot of fun to assemble because of the amazingly clear instruction book.

My top tip: Assemble the model on a tray or fabric so you don’t lose any pieces. There are other lots of similar models, less seasonally-themed but still a lot of relaxing fun. Try the sweet Shorthair Cats, Rabbits and spectacular Orchids. I can’t wait to start my next model!

The model is the model is approx 7.5 cm by 8.5 cm. It sits on your hand but is nicely solid.

The adorable cat and mouse play hide and seek, and the mouse has found the perfect hiding place in a big pumpkin. Find the mini pumpkins and colorful fall flowers that decorate the rotating skirting board. This set makes a great addition to any Halloween display and also makes a fun Halloween gift.


Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs

I originally reviewed the book here. This small and portable read is packed with sensible and totally honest advice about improving your photography.

Each idea or explanation in the book is clearly described and easy to understand (non-technical) and while they are not cat focused, you can quickly see which will be useful in your practice as a cat photographer. The tone is relaxed, honest and humorous.

Book on a white surface with a DSLR camera

Books and Bookshops and Amazon

I am using Amazon links on this page, but I recommend that you support a local bookshop if you have one, especially if you want a paper copy of any book you see here.

18 thoughts on “Cat Lovers Book Ideas (2024)”

  1. Ooooh, I love books! These all look like fun and/or interesting reads! Thanks for sharing! Pinning this to share!

  2. Yay! More book suggestions!!!! I recently finished a series where the cats helped solve the mysteries and I loved it. Can’t wait to read a few these too

  3. It amazes me how many books there are to read about cats of dogs I feel we need one day a week for reading only so we can catch up on everything

  4. So timely! Summer here in the US is a great time to pick up a good book. I love the looks of these, especially the mystery one. I’m going to add these to my reading list. Thanks, Marjorie!

  5. Thanks for the book recommendations, I’m always interested in being introduced to new authors and genres. Being a Halloween fan the model looks like fun, and because I could use some tips about taking good photos, your last book is something I’ll be checking out.

  6. Oh I want to read Spud’s book. That looks cute. I used to be a reader, but lately if I read I fall asleep.

  7. That’s a really nice bunch of good reads for sure! Thanks for joining Angel Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. This is a great list. I aspire to learn how to use my camera (and it isn’t even a DSLR!) These are also great gift recommendations as well.

  9. Inspiring! Thank you for sharing these fabulous resources. I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately and I’m very excited to work through this list!

  10. I think there may be that ‘dummies’ book here…somewhere.
    I have some really ancient ones my dad gave me eons ago…long before anyone ever conceived of digital photography…and even before computers were anywhere besides huge businesses.

    I learned a lot form my dad, and those books, mostly about composition and a wee bit about lighting, but those books all seem to think everyone had an SLR back then…huh? Not me! My first pics were taken with a Kodak, held down in front of yourself, and there was a mirror in it so you could see the image you were making. That was 1968, I think. I don’t remember the kind of camera, but it was kind of boxy. A museum piece by now!

    Then I got an Olympus Trip, 35mm, small but adequate for P & S pics, Then I got Dad’s Yashika, a larger more advanced 35mm…but I found it bulky and heave, so then I got a Fugi 35mm, it got me through my youngster’s baby years…then II I got a small P&S Canon, digital…and now I have the larger Canon SX40, also a P&S camera…maybe in the future when I am way more ancient I might try to keep my brain active with a new DSLR…who knows. Hubby has one, but its not his, its from his work, so I do not use it.

    But if I ever get a new smart phone, well, then I may just have a handy pocket camera once again.

    Whatever this history has to do with books?? LOL! Well, I have used them with all but my digital cameras!


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