Ear Surgery Update for Harvey

Ear Surgery Update for Harvey

If you have questions on cat ear surgery, we may be able to offer help from our experience.

A Summary of Harvey’s Cat Ear Surgery

Harvey had squamous carcinoma on one ear and a strong prospect of it on the other, so the vet suggested doing both ears simultaneously to save Harvey a second, very stressful, operation. The cancer looked like an odd ugly collection of warts but, the vet said it would abscess and spread quickly if we did not act.  The above link is to an informative non graphic page on the American Cancer Society page – many sites do have ‘graphic’ images, so this page is a good one to check gpt acurate details.

Harvey’s Recovery – A Brief Summary

There are several tips we have for a kitty having similar surgery – please read them, and we will be happy to answer questions after our experience. [Any serious enquiries? Ask Your Vet]

  • At first the result of the surgery will look scary and frightening as ear tips have gone. Hang in there your cat is still the same cat – and needs all your love at this scary time.
  • The cat will need to wear an Elizabethan (Buster) collar and may be stressed – the collar needs to stay on! It needs to be a strong collar to keeps sharp claws from ear wounds.
  • The vet will give you painkillers. IT IS IMPORTANT you try and obtain liquid painkillers for home use. Why? We tried Harvey on tablets, and the result was 24 hours of unnecessary stress as pilling a cat in a collar is VERY very difficult. Dad – who is usually pretty good at pilling while mum holds us in a Purrito – failed and got frustrated. Harvey was taken back to the vet for an injection of painkillers and a prescription of liquid meds.

Harvey Cat Ear Surgery - The boy recovered!!

  • Medication :- Harvey is now on liquid Meloxicam (painkiller), and Clavaseptin (antibiotic).
  • In spite of friends saying ‘they will get used to the collar’ you don’t believe it – I didn’t, I admit. BUT THEY DO. So do not take the collar off – if you have any concerns at all – please contact your vet, or get support from your FB or Twitter buddies.
  • Harvey is not 100% happy but he is getting used to it. The first 24 hours are the worst – as they get used to moving around with a different ‘head space’.
  • You may need to rig up some kind of an informal feeding arrangement – a shallow bowl raised up on top of a second bowl is a place to start. That way the collar slides down allowing the cat to lean forward and eat. Experiment and keep trying.
  • If you cat is NOT eating – please check with your vet. Ours was pleased when we told him Harvey was eating – so we took that as an indication that not eating is a negative sign.
  • Hang in there. Keep faith with your vet. Do NOT take off the collar and DO give your cat his meds.

Harvey recovered from his cat ear surgery

Be as prepared as you can, ask your vet if you have any concerns about ear surgery for cats, or dogs. It’s what you are paying for! Write down questions as you think of them. Never ever be afraid to ask a vet ANYTHING.

For those wishing to have full details, we have kept a diary of Harvey’s recovery here – images are included at the bottom.

Finally, we want to thank Ann Adamus for her lovely graphic for Harvey.

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  1. dood….we R glad yur home N ree coopa rate inn…..az all wayz de manee manee blessings oh st francis two ewe…..we dunno yet if we willna bee scared lookin at yur diaree sew for now we will just say bee well & healthee….
    XXXXXXXXX hearts that lookz like ???? over heer ~~~

  2. We just learned about Harvey’s surgery and so we wanted to stop by and offer our purrs and support at this time.

    We also want to thank you for the “PSA regarding his surgery and the things that could possibly happen after surgery.

    Karen and “The Boys (Christopher and Phillip)

  3. *soft paw* We’re so glad you were brave and went to see the vet, Harvey *smoochies* We hope you have speedy recovery so cone of shame can come off asap xx

  4. This is great advice – humans get upset really easily, so it’s very important to let them know what’s normal, what’s not, and workarounds. It helps them feel so much more secure – and it helps the kitties that are in their care too.
    Summer recently posted…Unmentionable Toy From FinlandMy Profile

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