What Do You Call a Collection of Cat Bloggers?

What Do You Call a Collection of Cat Bloggers?

Is there a collective noun for a collection of cat bloggers? We don’t know, but if you can think of one tell us in the comments after enjoying our selfie!

Sunday Selfie Graphic

We think this picture is worth celebrating. It is a collection of selfies and we hope the Kitties Blue mom Janet will approve! Each of the cat bloggers in this picture is a BlogPaws Nose to Nose Finalist. Isn’t this amazing! We also met mom Janet at BlogPaws for a second time, which was fantastic.

Mum is wearing the dress she made especially for her Blogpaws trip and it goes perfectly with the fringed shawl she loves!

Cat Bloggers at BlogPaws
L to R Katherine Kern (Mommakat), Emily Hall (Kitty Cat Chronicles), Dawn White (Lola Rescued Cat), Paula Gregg (Sweet Purrfections), Sue Doute (The Island Cats), Kim Kozlowski (Wonderpurr) and Marjorie Dawson (DashKitten)

We hope you enjoy the coming week and we look forward to visiting the selfies!

Miranda Kitten
International Worldwide Pet Blogging





  1. miranda; how kewl iz thiz….tell mum we said thanx for sharin thiz selfeez….we iz buzzed
    happee her getted ta go ~~~~~~~~ insert hearts XXX

  2. They all look so-o very AMAZING! The only thing better would be all of you posing with your kitties! I luv the color of your shawl, Miss Marjorie and the danglies on it! Purrs and winks.

  3. WoW! What a great phto!o
    Hmmm, I would call this a PRIDE as I am proud to be part of the the Cat Blogging Peoples and pets!
    That would cover the Cats and the Peoples!

  4. How cool to have met all those kitty moms who blog!

    A collection of kitty bloggers?? Hmmm
    Moggy is a common term for kitties, and it sort of rhymes with Bloggers…so maybe the Moggers? Sounds silly in a way though…
    How about the Meowsters? Since the pens behind the kitties are meowing on their behalf.

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