It’s Cable Car Day Around the World

It’s Cable Car Day Around the World

Silver : “Phoebe, Cable Car Day, on a Cat Blog, really??”

Phoebe:- “You bet! Wellington has a wonderful one, and Mum visited San Francisco and rode one there. Of COURSE we are reporting on Cable Car Day!

Silver: “OK Phoebe, but keep it brief OK?”   

Today we celebrate something amazing – Cable Cars!

Today is the day the very first cable car patent was lodged in 1871 by British-born, US resident Andrew Smith Hallidie. He had seen horses fall and even die trying to pull cars up very steep Jackson Street in San Francisco. His reaction as a human being, and an engineer, was to do something so he patented the beginnings of the cable car system.  

Cable Cars in San Francisco
The San Francisco Cable Car

Cable Cars – Famous Facts!

  • Wellington, New Zealand has its own bright red cable car (see header) which takes visitors to the Botanic Gardens. The view is stunning.
  • The Cable Car is also part of the city’s commuter route, so it gets busy during the rush hour!
  • San Francisco, nearly lost its iconic cable cars in 1947 when Mayor Lapham considered them ‘uneconomic’. Freidal Klussman began a campaign to save them. This went ‘viral’ in the press of the day, and the move was defeated!
  • How do the cars work? The San Francisco Cable Car Museum shows how here.

San Francisco Cable Car Ride from Marjorie Dawson on Vimeo.

Mum made the famous cable car ride after her stint as International BlogPaws Ambassador to the BlogPaws Conference; when visiting Savvy, and Spitty the Kittys Mom Mary. They made Mum’s trip to the City really special.

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Phoebe Kitten
on Cable Car Day
Phoebe from Dash Kitten


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Wellington Cable Car Image Credit – Ian Trafford
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  1. Thanks for sharing this fascinating history lesson. There is an artist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that paints street cars. I’m glad they took over and saved the horses.

  2. Love riding cable cars! San Francisco is a great city, glad you had a good time there. Didn’t realize there were cable cars in Wellington. A friend of mine lived there for a few years and really liked it.

  3. I never even thought to wonder why cable cars were invented. We were in San Francisco a few months ago, and those hills are crazy steep. Sadly, we didn’t have the chance to ride a cable car.

  4. We had a blast using the cable cars while visiting San Francisco! It was a highlight of our trip. Thanks for sharing those awesome facts!

  5. My first experience with a cable car was when I visited San Francisco. I thought they were so neat! I didn’t know there was a Cable Car Day, that’s really neat! I love your pictures by the way!

  6. guys….thanx for sharin de cable car ride !!!!! YAY !!!!! we had lotz oh fun…& high paws two mizturr Hallidie for thinkin bout all thoz poneez ~~~~ insert heartz XXX

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