Ill Gattaro d’Aleppo The Cats of Aleppo and the Man who Cares

Ill Gattaro d’Aleppo The Cats of Aleppo and the Man who Cares

Ill Gattaro d’Aleppo, the Cats of Aleppo. 

UPDATE The Cats of Aleppo

You can find the most up-to-date information on the Il Gattaro Facebook page, but, here’s our brief update for the many readers who have been checking our post.

After escaping Aleppo, during the severe bombing, Mr Alaa has returned, determined to fight on for the cats he loves, and who we all support.  Although some of you may not be on FB it is worth trying to see the page because there is a lot of positive news on recent rescues. [There is also a good online article here for non-Facebook folks.]  

Sadly, bombing is once more a risk for Mr Alaa and his extended family, so we all hope and continue to donate to this amazing, and inspiring venture. 


This is a tough post to write, especially as we write from our safe haven in New Zealand. At this moment lives are being saved, and perhaps lost in Aleppo. Sure the Dash Kitten Crew have shakes but ours are made by nature, not bombs, incendiaries and other harmful weaponry.

The Cats of Aleppo – Who Are They?

Our post is about Mr Alaa and the cats of Aleppo. A man who stayed and helped, not only people, while driving an ambulance, but also the cats of his town who were now ownerless, friendless and also in need of help.

Aleppo is in ruins, but plenty of people and cats still remain, and they need our support. I suspect that things like food for cats, in any form, will not be easy to come by but still Mr Alaa works and the cats remain. We all want to help, but we need to go about it the right way, especially in a war zone.

Cats of Aleppo ruined buildings

How many of us would have such courage under such immense and terrifying fire. Aleppo is a pawn between uncaring adversaries – but we small folk can, and will, help. Many groups are in action trying to get supplies to everyone in the town. Let us hope they succeed.

The important information for those who want to make a difference to the Cats of Aleppo.

  • There is a large multilingual group on Facebook
  • Il existe un grand group multilingue sur Facebook.
  • This is the official conduit for funds. The lady running it speaks Arabic and is in touch with Mr Alaa.
  • If you wish to donate in any way – contact the Facebook group first. They have strict instructions on how to donate (nothing scary mostly restrictions on words, and text, you should use).
  • If you are not on FB we will try to get any questions answered.

The human issue is outside the scope of this post, and this blog. You will find plenty of news elsewhere. For pet owners who feel they need to reach out and help, we hope this is a start of many paws reaching out to help the Cats of Aleppo. Our friends SavvySummer, The Daily Pip and others are also reaching out the paw of help.

The Dash Kitten Crew
standing with the Cats of Aleppo
Dash Kitten Quartet







  1. fb having changed my account to a Page believing me to be profiting in some way, although I do not sell anything, am not a business, and am not paid 1c for anything I do, has made it impossible to join the facebook page. I RT frequently, though.

  2. We were so sorry to hear about the recent violence, the loss of dog, Hope, death of two kitties and injuries of many others. We are not on Facebook, but our dad is. We are going to try to hijack his account and send some monetary help. We are so happy to see so many spreading the word. Thank you. Sending love to all with special kisses to Harvey from Mom. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. What an amazing person, and what an amazing photo. I am not a member of Facebook so cannot see what it takes to contribute.
    There must be another venue where one can find out info on this.

  4. A dear friend of mine and huge cat lover said she could barely look at the pictures because they were so sad. I told her I felt the same way, but also that we must look and more importantly ACT. The Cat Man of Aleppo has not lost hope and neither should we – and if he can remain hopeful in the midst of such violence so can we.

  5. Please will you post the hyperlink to the facebook page? facebook has changed my account to a Page from a personal account and I am unable to go directly to the page on facebook. Thank you.

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