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Bruce The Kiwi Cat A Portrait

Bruce the cat is a New Zealand celebrity cat with quite a story. Bruce has a popular following on FB and has helped his mum write two books. Our black cat fans will be glad to see one of their own in the Dash Kitten spotlight. Both of Bruce’s books achieved successful Kickstarters and have been published in quality hardback format and full colour. [Updated January 2022]

Let’s get to our exclusive interview with this famous feline shall we? 

Meet Bruce……

Where in the world is Bruce the Cat?

I’m in Dunedin, New Zealand (not Dunedin, Florida!). Dunedin is pretty close to the South Pole, so I wear my coat all year round. It’s black, so it’s always in fashion. 

What is your favourite part of creating your blog?

I love being my mischievous self and sharing my adventures with people and cats all over the world. I get to have amazing chats with all sorts of great people. I never expected to get so popular – mum shared my story on Facebook after she found me on the footpath when I was a day old and my story went viral! Now I have a blog, a calendar and two books!

What kind of readership have you discovered enjoys Bruce the Cat?

My Facebook page is a big part of what I do. As of today, my fans are 87% female, with a pretty even spread of ages between 25 and 54, In terms of countries, most of my friends are from the USA, then the UK, Germany and New Zealand. When it comes to cities, my fans are primarily from London, New York, Christchurch, Los Angeles, Chicago and Bangkok.

My fans live in all sorts of places I’d love to visit, including Turkey, Peru, Finland and Argentina. And in terms of personality, my fans are very supportive and caring. When I was a baby I was very sick for a few while, and it was really nice to know that people all over the world were thinking of me. My fans are the greatest!

Bruce the Cat
Bruce as the tinest kitten, being syringe fed.

What are the joys and challenges of being a worldwide blogger?

The timezone can be a challenge! The joy is the amazing sense of community. The people who follow me are really kind, wonderful people and I love connecting with them every day. I also love it when my fans send me photos of their pets from all over the world – especially little bottle fed or fever coat kittens like me. Some of my followers are also very funny and I love reading their comments.

And sometimes they even send me toys!

Bruce the Cat – A few of My Favourite Things

This year I have changed colour, moved cities, and had my first birthday! What a Wild Ride!

Will you suggest some of your favourite posts for our readers to discover more about you?

I would love to!

The book has been quality approved by the children at Port Chalmers Primary School and other friends of Bruce aged between two and six. The story has a rhyming structure which makes it fun to read aloud, and it has a subtle message about caring for animals.

The cutest Bruce book review ever!!

This quality book is an 8.5 x 8.5-inch hardcover (128gsm over 2mm board and matte lamination), printed on lovely paper and full colour throughout. The book cover was designed by award-winning book designer Anna Egan-Reid.

34 thoughts on “Bruce The Kiwi Cat A Portrait”

  1. Add another fan from the USA to your demographic! I love learning about new celebrity kitties. What a beautiful shade of black fur Bruce has… and his eyes are almost as yellow as the flowers!

  2. Mew Mew hellos & nice to meet you Bruce! It is so good to learn about you! I have never been to New Zealand. Is that like Never Never Land where there are pirating cats and fairies? I’ve heard you have very colorful birdies and pretty rain forests. Thanks Harvey for featuring Bruce for an interview! I hope to have found a new chat noir furr-iend today!

  3. Really nice to meet you, Bruce! You’re quite a charming looking fella! Absolutely adore that picture of you as a kitten, seriously adorable!!

  4. What a great interview! I love black cats and the colour change is so interesting I’ll have to read more!

  5. I had a cat like that! He was named Plato. Was so amazing to watch the change. He too ended up perfect, short hair black with BIG green eyes. He’s past now but I remember him fondly.

  6. Thank you for a lovely interview with Bruce. We haven’t met him yet, so we need to go over and say hello. We think black kitties are beautiful!

  7. I love that you showcased this beautiful cat. One of my dear friends has a one eyed diabetic cat who honestly thinks he is a dog. I love black cats. Well done on the interview!

  8. I.m guessin’ we all started out tiny like Bruce. He is one lucky kitty to have been saved. Glad it has all worked out so well for him. Rock on Bruce

  9. Thanks for introducing us to Bruce. He is extremely lucky as well as handsome. I can see why he has so many fans!

  10. Bruce was such an itty bitty kitty. What a cutie then…and a cutie now! Thanks for sharing his story.

  11. What a fantastic feline! Love the interview and learning more about Bruce. He was so tiny as a kitten and grown into such a handsome fellow ?

  12. Thanks for introducing us to Bruce. We’ll have to check out his blog and FB page. A few years ago, there was another cat named Bruce who blogged. We haven’t seen him around anymore.

  13. What a pawsome kitty! Bruce is such a handsome mancat. I love his black coat! That photo of him as a little kitten is absolutely squee-worthy. I will have to check out his blog. He sounds like a fun guy to get to know. 🙂

  14. What an excellent interview, and one very special cat! Thank you Harvey, for bring us such wonderful new friend from the fantastic country of New Zealand.
    Purrs, Erin

  15. It’s nice to meet you, Bruce! Thanks for introducing us, Harvey Button! We enjoyed reading about Bruce, and especially watching the video on his blog of how he changed color! So interesting!!!

  16. Nice interview. Bruce you are something special. Thanks for sharing your story. Will check out your other posts to get to know about you more. Thanks.

  17. I love love black cats, Bruce! You are quite handsome. Harvey, great interview. Hope you celebrated with some tasty treats and catnip.


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