A Brick Train on Middle-Earth Monday

Having a Brick train is quite the trend at the moment! Not only do we have this magnificent model ‘Hear My Train a’ Comin‘ at Whanganui, created by UCOL senior lecturer Brit Bunkley. There is a superb model in Darlington, in Great Britain.

Whanganui Brick Train

Brick Train Whanganui

The bones of the Whanganui train are a metal framework designed by engineers BPL group and are ‘strong enough to withstand an atomic blast.  The frame built was by Paul McCormick at Pre-Nail Precision in Hinau St., Whanganui.

The view across the river in Whanganui towards the train is spectacular, but both trains are pretty amazing! The sheer weight of bricks mirror the majesty of the magnificent stream trains still beloved of so many.  I mean, how many people rush to get on a diesel train eh? A Steam Train has real magic!

View across the Whanganui River towards the brick train location.

Brick Train – Darlington

Great Britain’s brick train in Darlington is modelled on the 1938 record setting, 126mph steam locomotive “Mallard”.  It was commissioned in 1997 and created by David Mach. The train reflects Darlington’s heritage of train building and transport. There is a fabulous and amazing article here on the Mallard and its sister trains – together for one last time.

A total of 185,000 bricks were used in the construction of ‘Mallard’ along with 170 cubic meters of concrete. The train weighs 15,000 tonnes and covers an area of 600sq meters. It is of hollow construction and measures 23ft high by 130ft long. It took a team of 34 brick layers, labourers and apprentices 21 weeks to build.

‘Mallard’ brick train, Darlington, Great Britain.

Wow – I never thought I would see two brick trains, on opposite sides of the world, one in Middle-Earth and one in England – so far away.

Harvey Button
Middle-Earth Monday correspondent
& Brick Train Spotter!
Harvey Middle Earth Monday Correspondent

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