Bombur the Dwarf Costume

Bombur the Dwarf Costume

Today we feature Bombur the Dwarf. Bombur, the tubbiest dwarf, is a member of the company that accompanies Thorin Oakenshield‘ on his quest to the Lonely Mountain, in J R R Tolkien’s book The Hobbit. 

The Hobbit movie was given it’s World Premiere at the Embassy. I have been able to get close enough to appreciate the homespun quality and handiwork involved in this amazing costume.

Bombur the Dwarf Full Length Costume

Stephen Hunter, the actor wearing the costume, was not really as fat as Bombur, so had to wear a lot of padding. As the dwarves were on a quest there was a lot of action in the films. The cast of dwarves were shooting (and running) all over New Zealand.  Imagine running dressed up in this costume and extra padding! One of Bombir’s most memorable moments was the Hobbit barrel flight scene. It looked a tight fit for Bombur.

Bombur the Dwarf Costume Full length

Bombur The Dwarf Costume Close Ups

There is an homespun quality to Bombur’s costume, his trousers are a strong woven fabric bound with a practical fabric belt that looks as though it might double as a dust mask or scarf. The fingerless mittens are hand knit, and, the closeup image shows there is a distinct pattern to the stitches. These mittens are strong and practical and the leather wrist binding that will keeps sleeves out of the way during fights or when eating is a very practical touch.

Bombur the Dwarf

Check out the amazing braces that hold up Bombur’s tweedy textured ‘woven’ trousers. They are made from finely plaited leather, similar to the leather bag hanging across his chest. The full length picture (see top) shows the bag in place.

There is some very nice neck lacing on his shirt (under the leather waistcoat). They are all are fine touches that add to the character even though they are not always clearly seen on screen. Anne Maskrey and Bob Buck did a fine job for the 3 foot 7 Costume Department on The Hobbit movie.

Bombur the Dwarf Costume Trousers Detail

Bombur the Dwarf Information

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Bombur the Dwarf Costume
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Bombur the Dwarf Costume

  1. harvey….can ya imagine de WERK that wented inta theeze clothingz….manee thanx for sharin….thiz coztoom iz beyond kewl…itz mega kewl…. we troo lee hope that gandalph’s coztoom will bee in a post sum day…..him iz R fav o rite charaturrz !!

  2. I love reading about New Zealand and Middle Earth. Sorry i haven’t visited lately, my computer is so slow. I will try to visit and share more 🙂

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