Blogpaws® Honour Badge

Blogpaws® Honour Badge

We Are Celebrating our BlogPaws Honour Badge


We need to put on record an huge Thank You to everyone who put forward the Adventurcats stories for the BlogPaws Nose to Nose Awards see under New for 2015. 

We have blogged about the award already, but we feel a big Thank You is in order to you all. The BlogPaws Honour Badge is in the sidebar of the blog. Nerissa, Savannah and I have one each and it is thanks to you! International co-operation snd work is a key part of our blogging and you can see our collection of wonderful international interviews spotlighting friends and collegues here.

We would also like to celebrate the life of Rocky, star of ‘A French Cat Looks for Love in America‘ from Catastrophes. Rocky and his Mum Alana Greylak won Best Blog Video which we just love – enjoy!


.Thank you,

Marjorie and Harvey, Miranda, Silver, and Phoebe
Team Dash Kitten


  1. guys…total lee total lee…. total lee… way awesum…yur badge & award rock de houz…conga ratz two everee one timez 984 !!
    YAY ~~~~~~~~~

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