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Blog4Peace Ukraine

Blog4Peace Ukraine

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Today I am combining my Blog for Peace Ukraine post with the selfies on Sunday. We all know how desperate loss can be – and I post my favourite image of Dash as this week’s Selfie. I am grateful I have the peace to be able to create three blog posts this week, some people are not so lucky, as we know.

Blog4Peace Ukraine
Blog4Peace Link

I wondered, how can I express my support without repeating the many heartfelt expressions of anger and grief already flooding the internet, and burning Russian ears with shame. So, I thought, what brings me peace?

The same things, I realised, as millions of Ukranians. My cats. I saw an image of one man holding his fluffy grey cat, rescues frantically transporting cats to the border, others urgently trying to get dogs out of the country. Then most desperate of all, a woman rescuer killed transporting animals out of a city.

Sunday Selfie Graphic to celebrate pictures of cats

Blog4Peace Ukraine Matters

Animals are becoming a major part of the effort to help people. How many remember the terrible abandonment of animals after Hurricane Katrine and the massive rescue operations that followed that?

Then I saw that people all over the world are trying to help and, for once people have mostly learned to look for legitimate rescues and organisations wanting to help animals. The internet community is learning who to trust.

Miss You Dash Kitten

Dash Kitten Photograph Celebrating Blog4Peace Ukraine
Founder Cat Dash Kitten

Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie is a motorbike riding blogger and award winning cat photographer who believes that everyone can shoot and edit wonderful pictures they love regardless of the camera they use.

She is a Professional member of the Cat Writers Association, Kuykendall Image Award winner and published photographer at the Guardian newspaper.

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10 thoughts on “Blog4Peace Ukraine”

  1. Beautiful post for Ukraine, we cross our paws and purr for peace too. We know you miss Dash so much. Purrs and hugs

  2. Dash will always be remembered. I made up a package which was taken to the Ukraine with many others from Plymouth. I included several packets of dry cat food which wasn’t on the list of necessities and suggested it is added to the list. It has been added and another lorry loaded with food toiletries medication is leaving the middle of the week.
    The person who takes it into Ukraine sent back a few photos, and when he was there he stayed a couple of extra days to help sort and distribute it.

  3. Dash was such a great kitty…I wish I had ‘known’ him…

    Peace is such a fragile thing, yet when it’s there it’s so very strong, too. We pray for the peace that is needed for all, including all the displaced and now fearful furry ones.

    Thanks for this heartfelt post,Marjorie.

  4. As a new fairly new cat owner (actually, she owns me)…I am understanding more and more how the pet community has been affected in this awful war. Thank you for shedding light. I know you miss Dash Kitten. I never really understood the love you can feel for a pet…until Snickers found me in October. She’s schooling me. LOL

    Thank you for blogging for peace during this sad time. We’ve never had such a launch. It’s not a joyous occasion this time, as is our usual custom, but somber…and oh.too.real.

  5. Such a beautiful post for Ukraine. We too stand with all beings there, and purr and pray for peace. Dash is forever loved and remembered by us, and so many others. XO

  6. I envy you the comfort and love of having a fur companion. I wish I had one right now……….thanks for your post.


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