Blog Post of the Year 2015

Blog Post of the Year 2015

Blogpaws has a major writing prize as part of its Nose to Nose Awards, although in 2014 the excitement centred on one blog post of the year, we hope they will bring back a Best Blog Writer as well, as this to our mind, is part of a blog’s impact.

  • However, that is NOT our point for this post.

We have read posts recently from bloggers like Sparklecat, Cathy Keisha, Savannah (with the Kid Sage) and our dog colleague Carma Poodale that either moved us greatly, stunned us or made us think THIS is why we read blogs.

  • We do not want to lose touch with these blog posts which is so easy when “life gets in the way”.  So, we are taking action – we are adding a tab to our blog header, we will call it ‘Top Posts’ and we aim to add our selection of Blog Posts of the Year, there when they come to our attention.
  • The blogger may write something simple but moving, be a top star blogger, write about ferals, about kitty litter or finding the perfect pet – the one criterion is that it gives us pause and makes us think again.

We are listing our first selection within this post – just in case you may have missed any of them. Future blog posts will be added to our Top Posts page with a brief mention during the course of the blogging week. You are not obliged to visit the page, but we feel we need to honour our pet blogging community by keeping a record of those we value enough to keep in mind for future awards.

  • Sparkle on Human Litter Training issues. Literally for many cats a matter of life or death. Sparkle is eloquent – and deadly. Her other post on what Pope Francis got wrong is superbly eloquent.
  • Savannah and mum Linda speak about the reality of Trap Neuter Return (TNR). An insider’s view that is clear, honest and admirable.
  • Cathy Keisha is our streetwise pal who tell is like it is. Her vivid post reports on Newark NJ where 42 cats were discovered in 5 cat carriers.
  • I must also point you towards Carma Poodale – our dog pal wrote eloquently some time ago about shelter cats and having a home.

Keep your eyes open, read when you can and show the world that Pet Bloggers mean business.

Miranda Kitten

    1. Guys, there is only one rule for this. If the blog posts makes us think, moves us, gives us a new direction or idea – it is in. All of these posts moved us one step beyond the ordinary. Yes you CAN be there, you MAY be there – your blog is a favourite and as regular commenters we appreciate your dropping by so often. The year still had a long way to run.

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