BlogPaws Conference Visitors Are Like Yarn!

BlogPaws Conference Visitors Are Like Yarn!

Phoebe :- “It’s true Silver – look Blog Paws® Conference attendees are like this lovely yarn – LOOK!’

Silver :- Pheoebe! Even an airhead like you can’t tell me a Blog Paws Conference attendee looks like a ball of wool. C’mon! How do I explain to Miss Savvy and Seville that my sisfur thinks their peeps are yarn? “Hey Mom L looking nice and woolly there!”

Phoebe :- Listennnnnnnnnnn, let me explain……….

Silver :- * sigh * Can’t wait to hear this…….

Phoebe :- This is really cool yarn right? It is called ‘fingering’, and Mom knits shawls ‘n stuff OK? It comes from home to an host of beautiful cat coloured yarns with a portion of each skein going to MeowFoundation to help kitties. Now look carefully, see the interesting colours? Quality fibre? See the nicely presented skein?

*Silver drums paw impatiently *

BlogPaws Conference Ancient Arts Fiber Meow Foundation Yarn

Phoebe :- It’s just like a pet blogger! Because both pet blogger and this yarn have :-

  • definite inspiration that supports their aims and goals,
  • focus, and very high standards of production and presentation.
  • both are created with great skill and knowledge, there are ideas that glow, and there is so much potential here for good things!

See the ‘yarn cake’ sat beside the skein in the picture? This is the same skein wound into a knit-able ball? The same colours, but almost unrecognisable! This is the blogger attending Blog Paws. All their identifying characteristics are still there but in a mad whirlwind of excitement and discovery, learning, meeting, moving and shaking; greeting sponsors and making connections for the coming year!

Awesome huh?! Mum has it easy, she will just knit the yarn into a lovely shawl!!

Silver :- * blinks in surprise * Phoebe, I have to take it back – maybe a Blog Paws attendee would not mind being compared to a ball of wool at all! OK you had better sign off this blog post and I will schedule it just before Blog Paws May 2015 in Nashville!

Phoebe Kitten
Junior Blogger and aspiring Knitter

Woah too near you Mum....


  1. Yep…pet bloggers come in all different shapes and sizes and colors. But they all have one thing in common: They all love animals! Mom says, “hi” from BlogPaws. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo
    Kitties Blue recently posted…ON THE WAY TO BLOGPAWSMy Profile

  2. meowloz phoebe & silver ~~~~ waves

    how kewl iz that !!! we noe de MeowFoundation loves de pro seedz….. N de yarn iz way awesum two….kinda like tortie catz !!

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