Exclusive Black Cats Tell All Double Prize Giveaway

Exclusive Black Cats Tell All Double Prize Giveaway

Black cats tell all in our gorgeous Valentine’s Day giveaway. We have two absolutely fabulous cat treats for cat lovers that you will totally love and want to win.


Feline royalty is the sponsor of our blog post. Many thanks to Erin the Cat Princess for sponsoring our two exclusive prizes! Read on to find out the details and our book report!

Cat Lovers Copy of Black Cats Tell All

When we read the eBook last year we had no idea just how beautiful a printed copy of this book might be. It is substantial and printed in high quality full colour, the paperback is the perfect book for any cat lover, and will make the purrrfect gift. The printed edition lifts the spirits and is, for us, a black cat – life affirming – read.

Black Cats Tell All

Not only is it filled with exceptionally fine portraits of black cats. It has biographies written in the cat’s own words, rescue stories, and adventuring cats. This is probably the best black cat book ever. It is filled to the cat bowl brim with proper tails tales about black cats, and why black cats are awesome.

You can meet local New Zealander Bruce, jet black panfur Ernie from the Island Cats, Willow from Down Under, and Parsley from Bionic Basil’s blog. Black cats tell us their stories and each one is a delight. I think everyone owning a black cat knows how lucky they are, now the rest of us get to find out.

Not every cat in an internet celebrity. The focus is 100% on black cats, and also the joy and beauty they bring into so many lives. The book shows the truth about black cats and their many gifts to everyone around the world.

Here’s just a few black cat talents:

  • Adoptable
  • Beautiful
  • Filled with Love
  • Caring
  • Adventurous
  • Playmates and
  • Clowns

We know you will agree!

TIP If you prefer an electronic book. Layla is offering the ebook for sale on Gumroad for a MINIMUM donation of $1. We KNOW if you want the eBook you will donate more than that so, buy now. You can also buy the paperback at Layla’s Amazon link here. Now read on for our exclusive T-shirt Giveaway!

Our goal is to change perception about Black Cats one story and one photo at a time” – Layla Morgan Wilde

Not only to Black Cats Tell All in our Giveaway, we have an exceptional EXTRA treat

Aeris the Movie Exclusive Kickstarter Tshirt

When I was sharing the Winn Foundation FIP Bria Fund raffle last year, I came across a Kickstarter by Aly Miller and Paul Castro Jnr. raising funds to make a short movie about an FIP kitten.

Aeris the Movie Promotional poster

The movie was about a kitten with FIP, and the script was to be called Aeris. It would have a professional cast and high production values. Short movies are included in the annual Academy Awards which this means that they are taken seriously. So, of course the Dash Kitten blog jumped in with our friend Erin, to help the Kickstarter.

The film is not only about FIP. It is about an innocent, life deprived animal who taught two people one of their greatest lessons ever learned: how to love. Not only each other, but all living things, and about how those twelve days gave purpose to Aeris’ life……  Once we have completed this film, all proceeds gained through distribution or other donations will be donated to the Heaven On Earth Society For Animals Rescue Organization.” – Paul Castro Jnr.

We have one ‘Limited Edition’ Aeris Movie Tshirt as part of our giveaway prize

black cats tell all

Black Cats Tell All and Aeris Tshirt Double Giveaway Details

  • One Brand New Book and one Brand New Aeris Kickstarer Tshirt (Large)
  • Our giveaways are ALWAYS open WORLDWIDE
  • You may enter as often as each category permits
  • We will pay shipping – Dash Kitten Blog
  • The decision of the blog owner, Marjorie Dawson is final
  • Rafflecopter is hosting the giveaway for us.
  • Any Rafflecopter Issues PLEASE comment below
  • Our Mailing List is here

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone
Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew
Dash Kitten Pumpkin






  1. Miss Marjorie I absolutely love what you do. Showing Panfurs pawsitive sides and that they are cats just like all cats and me who is a Reverse Panfur. MOL (I’m all white). *High Paw* you’re da best. Hugs n Purrs

  2. We love cat books and do our best to get each one our pals make. They later on will go to our young niece that loves cats. Her dad will read them to her.

  3. It’s so great that you are changing the perception people have of black cats! Black cats are wonderful, just like all cats, no matter what color. The book sounds like a great read 🙂

  4. this looks like a great giveaway. Is the movie about the cat still being made? Anytime I watch movies about animals, I tend to cry like a baby. I cry every Saturday night watching TV shows about vets on Animal Planet.

  5. That black cat book sounds amazing! I simply love great photos of animals. I have a tuxedo cat, and my oldest sister used to have 4 black cats. They were great pets.

  6. Mee-you Lady Marjorie an Harvey Buttonss an thee Crew our Rafull coptur iss broked!! Wee not sure wee are signed uppy fur thee contest. So mee leeve a commint OK?
    Mee wood LUV to win thee book fur LadyMum an fur mee as Ernie iss like an Unccle to mee.
    Happy Valentine’ss Day to all of youss’!!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  7. Luna says what a pawsome book! #BlackCatsRock! And the movie sounds like it’s going to be pawmazing! Thanks for giving us this wonderful opportunity to win these prizes! ((HUGS)) Luv yoo! OxO

  8. Wow what a pawsome giveaway Miss Majorie! Oh I have heard about this book, but for some reason it is not yet on my shelf at home! I really need to give Mom a talking’ to for that! I would just luv luv luv to read about my furr-iends Ernie and Parsley, and to learn about Bruce and Willow. I’m sure all of their photos are amazing amazing amazing! Hugs!

  9. That Black Cat book sounds great! My mom has two adorable black beauties. I bet she’d love that book! Saving that for her birthday! Thanks for the suggestion

  10. Awesome giveaway! And as the pet parent of two cats, one of them black and white, this is great! I wonder what the cat’s in the book will have to say?

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