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Taz the Black Cat: A Stunning Portrait

I have written before about the thrill of taking a good black cat photo and how to achieve it. But, I am sure some readers are not convinced they can take a good black cat snapshot; especially with their smartphones.

Let me show you this lovely black cat portrait of our neighbour cat Taz taken with just a ‘phone and natural light and tell you that, yes you can take a fantastic black cat shot like this.

The photograph was a completely spontaneous lift of the smartphone. It took a hand full of attempts to get Taz to turn towards the camera but, as you can see, he takes a great snapshot. The key moment was when I got him to look across at me.

Black cat taken with a smartphone Taz
Smartphone Photograph

If you look at Taz’s photo, the black fur is well lit with enough shadows to give him shape and depth. I did not touch up the photograph as he is handsome as he is. The light on his fur shows how important ambient light and a few clouds can be. Strong sunshine would have made him look very flat and shown brown lowlights in his fur.

To show that not every photograph comes out nicely, here are two of my Taz photos that didn’t work. He is not looking at the camera and there isn’t enough light. I needed to change my position and get Taz to look up.

black cat unlit by natural light

15 thoughts on “Taz the Black Cat: A Stunning Portrait”

  1. That photo is stunning! You’re right bright sun wouldn’t have been as good. Getting my dogs to look at the camera is such a challenge!

  2. Beautiful picture! Taz is quite a ‘looker’ and you did a great job in capturing his likeness in your photos. It can be challenging capturing a good photo of a black cat, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible – as you show here!

  3. Absolutely incredible photo! How on earth did you get Taz to look at you for the perfect shot? I can get Henry to look at me for a few photos, but those generally have something wrong with them, a bit blurred, not positioned right, or something. Even when I am doing a blast shot. I have much to learn from you oh wise one!

  4. Taz is such a handsome boy. I love how calm, cool, and collected he looks. I’m a novice when it comes to taking good photos, but I agree that natural light is the best light.

  5. Fabulous black cat photo! Because I like black cats so much, I like the darker pictures too, but it is stunning when every whisker and every contour of a black kitty shows up.


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